Gabriel Kuhn – Murder, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Wiki, And Biography

One of the most searched murder cases in this world includes Gabriel Kuhn, who was murdered in 2007. His death shocked millions of people across the globe due to the severity of the case and the way he was executed by Daniel Patry

In this blog, we are going to talk abut Gabriel Kuhn, a kid that was murdered fin 2007. Below, we have listed down everything that is available about his case on the internet. 

Who Was Gabriel Kuhn?

Gabriel Kuhn, who was just 12 when he passed away, was born in 1995 in  Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil. He was murdered by Daniel Patry, a 16-year-old, in 2007. Reports suggest that he was brutally killed by the youngster, who was mentally challenged and had a history of being violent, but instead of getting him some help, his parents never did anything for him and allowed him to be violent.

Why Was Gabriel Kuhn Killed?

Daniel Patry, the killer, had a long history of violent outbursts. He reportedly beat up Gabriel Kuhn and eventually killed him after raping him. It is believed that Kuhn refused to return $1.75 that he had borrowed to buy some coins in Tibia, an online game. After refusing to give the money back, Daniel went to his house, brutally beat him up, raped him and cut his torso, which killed him. 

How Much Prison Time Did Daniel Patry Get?

After he was arrested by the authorities, Daniel Patry was sentenced to serve around 3 years in a juvenile detention facility by the authorities. But the thing is, many people said that the amount of time he got for the crime that he committed was too low and should have been increased because of the severity of the cruelty that he had carried out. 

Where Is Daniel Patry Right Now? 

Right now, no one has any idea where Daniel Patry is. 

It is known that Daniel was released from the juvenile detention center in 2010. After his release, the boy just went rogue and was never found again. The parents of the boy also moved and he has no traces on social media platforms. 

Local news agencies in Brazil also tried to find him but he was nowhere to be found. In case you do find him or get any information on where he is and what he is currently doing, please do let us know so we can update this blog right away. 

Why Did Daniel Patry Kill Gabriel Kuhn?

According to official reports about the case of Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn, the 12-year-old boy was murdered after being tortured and harrassed by Patry, 16, for over a month. The incident happened in Blumenau, Brazil and the entire reason behind the brutal killing was because of a game known as Tibia. 

Investigating officers of the case said that the 12-year-old boy had borrowed some money from him and when he failed to return the money, he decided to torture him for a month. He then beat him up, raped him, and killed him by ripping off his torso. The boy endured 30 days of suffering before he was killed by the then 16-year-old boy. 

The authorities also found out that Patry gave $1.75 USD to Kuhn and when he failed to return the money, he decided to do horrible things to the boy. 

Did His Parents Seek Medical Help For His Violent Behavior?

Preliminary investigations revealed that the parents of Daniel Patry tried to get him some therapy and even booked him some sessions; however the boy never went and got medical help to control his anger issues, instead, he just decided to let things stay the way they were. He was also locally known for beating up kids and for being violent all the time. 

Is Daniel Patry Out Of Prison?

Yes, Daniel Patry is currency out of prison.

According to official reports, Patry was released from Juvenile prison in Brazil 3 years after he was sentenced to spend time inside it. This means that he was released from prison in 2010. After he was released, there was no clue on where he went and what he is currently doing. 


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