AW23 KOLLEKTION by BoConcept: A Symphony of Sensory Design

BoConcept, the globally renowned furniture retailer, proudly unveils its AW23 KOLLEKTION — a range that emphasizes how transformative design speaks to our senses. In these challenging times, home has transcended its traditional purpose. It’s not just where we live; it’s where we find solace, express our identity, and reconnect with our inner selves.

Claus Ditlev Jensen, the Collections and Visuals Director at BoConcept, remarks, “The new Kollektion harnesses the power of design to evoke feelings of profound contentment. It’s all about ushering in tactile joy into our daily lives.”

In an age marked by multiple crises, the allure of peaceful spaces and products that cater to emotional and physical well-being has never been more potent. The Salamanca sofa from the new Kollektion epitomizes this philosophy. Its generous dimensions offer unmatched comfort, while the Santiago dining table exemplifies the ongoing trend of organic, artful shapes and touchable materials that calm the senses. Another notable piece is Calgary, reflecting the growing enthusiasm for ingenious storage—a trend that resonates strongly in the digital sphere.

Furthermore, the ethos of “Buy Less, Buy Better” underscores the collection. For instance, Santiago’s dining and coffee tables are graced with durable ceramic tops. The Calgary piece is versatile, evolving over time with its owner’s changing needs and tastes.

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Key Highlights of the AW23 KOLLEKTION:

Indulge in the Comfort of Salamanca

Henrik Pedersen, the mind behind Salamanca, describes it as ” very big, very soft and very comfortable. It’s designed not to live with but to live in. There is no strict system to this bohemian style – play around with the cushions, find your favourite position and chill.”

Introduced in AW23, Salamanca mirrors Henrik Pedersen’s vision of plush aesthetics accentuated by touch-friendly fabrics. Ditlev Jensen highlights, “With this season, while we retained our love for gentle designs, Salamanca elevates comfort to unparalleled heights.”

Drawing inspiration from the laid-back vibes of the 1970s, Salamanca showcases a sprawling, relaxed design, ideal for sinking into. Ditlev Jensen mentions, “Salamanca is envisioned as an informal, warm family-centric sofa.” Its design—where gentle curves merge with definitive angles—evokes what Pedersen coins as the “ultimate relaxation hub.”

Whether you choose the standalone or modular variants, Salamanca promises adaptability. The easily adjustable cushions enhance its versatility. And just how lavish is it? The incredibly soft seating extends to a generous depth of 112cm. Aligning with its promise of supreme relaxation, the cushions incorporate dual-density foam, ensuring utmost seating pleasure.

Experience a Unique Dining Affair with Santiago

“”There are no straight lines with Santiago. The panels are curved and the vast ceramic top transmits an organic feel. Everything is like nature,” elaborates designer Morten Georgsen.

In a confluence of aesthetic allure and practical utility, Santiago emerges as a sophisticated centerpiece for those who cherish social dining experiences. Morten Georgsen’s creation, with its minimalist yet captivating contours, is a nod to aficionados of refined elegance and high-end finishes. Georgsen observes, “In contemporary homes, the distinction between living and dining spaces is blurring. As walls come down, it signifies an architectural shift and a societal one—where expansive dining tables become the nucleus of gatherings with loved ones.”

Boasting an oval form, the table’s surface is sculpted from resilient ceramic, offered in shades of white, brown, and AshGrey. Ditlev Jensen notes, “The ceramic’s innate beauty truly shines when spread across such a generous expanse.” This lustrous tabletop pairs seamlessly with tapered, pillar-esque legs available in Dark Oak and AshGrey, exemplifying a harmonious blend of sleek design and organic inspiration.

With dimensions extending to either 230cm or 180cm, Santiago comfortably accommodates six to eight diners for regular meals, with added room for festive celebrations. For those seeking continuity in design, matching Santiago coffee tables complete the ensemble.

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Unveil Your Style with Calgary

“The Calgary system is a contemporary storage and display system for how we live now. It combines versatile functionality with a lightness of expression and beautiful proportions,” designer Morten Georgsen shares.

Whether you envision a covert workspace, a chic mini bar, or a trendy storage solution, Calgary has got you covered. Ditlev Jensen reflects, “BoConcept has been offering traditional bookcases since its inception in 1952. While designs have evolved over the decades, Calgary heralds a transformative approach to storage. It’s about crafting a narrative, not just stowing away items.”

Modern consumers seek more than just furniture – they aim to project their unique style and personal narrative through their living spaces. Addressing this, Calgary effortlessly marries visual appeal with functionality. “In the post-pandemic era, there’s a surge in homeowners wanting to refresh and rearrange their spaces,” notes Jensen. “Calgary’s minimalist yet elegant design offers a canvas to artistically present personal treasures, making each item a conversation piece.”

Calgary offers adaptability without being daunting. The system provides seven pre-set configurations — ranging from tall to short, broad to slim — suitable for diverse spaces in any home. Beyond that, it boasts features like adjustable shelves, drop-down concealed storage, and pull-out drawers. “One can even adapt Calgary to serve as a cohesive home office or bar, depending on the vibe you’re aiming for,” Jensen adds. With metal rails available in AshGrey and Matt Black, combined with insert choices of AshGrey, Natural Oak, and Dark Oak, Calgary ensures an array of finish options to fit every aesthetic.

What’s Fresh in AW23?

This season, the Kollection unveils exciting updates and enhancements. Recognizing the growing demand for chic furnishings tailored for compact living spaces, the top-selling Kingston dining table now sports a more petite design with a fixed tabletop. Plus, it’s priced attractively for those entering the market. As for the Bergamo sofa, there’s a fresh 1.5 seat variant, perfect for those seeking snugger seating arrangements.

The AW23 palette gets richer with the introduction of new materials and hues, amplifying customization possibilities. Welcoming Dusty Green, Dark Oak, and AshGrey, these finishes now grace the Lugano and Como shelving units. There’s also the pristine white ceramic, a counterpart to the bronze-effect brown ceramic from SS23. Not only does this white ceramic exude opulence with its marble-like gleam, but its robustness also ensures resistance against common wear like scratches, heat exposure, and stains.

On the fabric front, AW23 introduces Tuscany, a textured woven jacquard chenille, brimming with warmth. Offered in seven distinct shades, its intricate texture ensures each piece boasts its own color narrative. Additionally, the lavish Napoli velvet fabric now blooms in a new Dusty Green and a grounded Sand hue. Lazio infuses a refreshing Grey shade, while Bresso adds a touch of Green, catering to those keen on refreshing their interiors for the upcoming season.

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BoConcept was founded in 1952 in Denmark and is today the world’s most global furniture retailer, with over 328 stores spanning 67 countries. The brand works with award-winning designers to create collections of furniture, accessories and lighting for private homes and business spaces. Under the heading ‘Live ‘Ekstraordinær,’ BoConcept is committed to bringing its flexible Interior Design Service and industry-leading customisation to spaces both private and public – without compromising on design vision or aesthetics.

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