7 Countries You Must Visit in 2022

I have been yearning to travel to a few countries which are on my bucket list. However, this pandemic seems to have put everything on hold. While it is nice to be able to catch such places online through so many travelogues – thanks to my subscription to one of the Spectrum internet services –  it is not the same! Nothing can compare to actually being at a place and experiencing it with all its sounds and smells!

If you’re looking to visit some nice places then this blog is definitely for you. Even if you’re not, it’ll help to motivate you to do so. Traveling is a fun activity that comes with many therapeutic effects. So, do plan for it! Meanwhile, let’s give you a low-down on where to go in 2021!


Croatia is a place that is resonant with ancient buildings, delicious cuisine, and soothing beaches. Here, you can view the grandeur of the medieval ages to full effect owing to the surviving ancient structures. Moreover, the national parks are ample of natural beauty. Make sure to try out the Plitvice Lakes and Krka Waterfalls. You will definitely fall in love with Croatia!


Norway is home to organized urban life, gorgeous northern lights, and lush green villages. Here, the northern lights alone will take your breath away. The mountains here boast stunning scenery and the villages are pretty much green during the summers. 

You will love it here especially since movement is quite easy due to the low risk of Coronavirus here. You can see some magnificent scenery as you board the Flam Railway.


A beautiful destination in the Mediterranean, Portugal is home to many scenic landscapes, world-famous cuisine, and beautiful ports. 

Here, you can enjoy an experience that is much closer to nature than you would elsewhere. Unplug yourself from all the social media and the digital world. Soothe yourself in the natural setting in Portugal!

South Africa

A country that has quite a heartbreaking history, you will find much change here. The racism prevalent here is not as prevalent as it was before. Tourism has definitely improved over the years. The country has abundant wildlife and is home to many lions as well. It is also famous for being home to elephants, leopards, buffaloes, and rhinos.

The natural life here is particularly welcoming. If you’re looking for an escape from the tiring urban life then going to South Africa may be your best bet. Relax in the midst of natural landscapes. You can reside in wooden hotels or even tree homes, it’s all really up to you!


Visit Egypt to go back a few centuries and have a look at the ancient pyramids. They boast the height of human excellence. You will be left in awe when you witness Giza’s towering pyramids. The Great Sphinx will leave you stunned; I have no doubt about it.

And the river Nile and its history will profoundly take you aback. The Egyptians are quite good looking as well. You will definitely be mesmerized by the beauty there.

South America

South America is not really one country. However, for a fulfilling experience, you need to visit the continent in full. There’s the amazing Amazon rainforest that is home to thousands of rare animal species. Then there are the Patagonian glaciers that you don’t want to miss. You can also take a small trip to Lima. 

Lima is a global gastronomy destination. Make sure to hike Machu Picchu when you visit Peru. It is one of the seven wonders of the world. You can also kayak if you visit the Yanayacu-Pucate River. Who knows you may be able to sight some dolphins while you do!


Japan is home to cool-looking temples, many UNESCO World Heritage Listed sites, outstanding scenery, greenery-rich hills, and much more. Here, you can also get a chance to take a dip in the Onsen hotel spring bath. It is believed that this kind of bath has spirit renewing powers.


 Furthermore, you can visit the relaxing Zen gardens as well. On my Spectrum cable, I’ve spent hours watching Japan-related videos. I am quite excited about the prospects of being there soon. 


But that is not all. Japan is also renowned for its taste in music and cartoons. The K-pop and anime from Japan are famous worldwide. You can frequently find yourself in a city block that looks like a movie set due to the exceptional artistic stuff around you.