Who Is Gabriel Kuhn – The Murder Case Of Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry

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The case of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry have shocked people across the globe, considering how brutal and gruesome it is, and anyone who gets to know about this case are just left out wondering why this happened. 

If you’re one of the many people that’s wondering what happened between these two, you came to the right place because in this blog, we are going to talk about all the things that happened between Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry along with all the details about the incident.

Please do note that some of the information that we are going to list below is extremely brutal and could make you feel anxious or even worse, so please read every single thing at your own risk. 

What Happened Between Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry? 

12 year old Gabriel Kuhn is the one that was killed by 16 year old Daniel Patry. The murder was so horrifying that people across the globe that got to know about the case were just left in complete shock.

A lot of people are asking what happened between them, and the thing is, it all started because of a game.

The two boys were in love with the game Tibia, and they had a bad habit of spending so much money on the game, which led to the unfortunate incidents that are so horrifying that even the authorities were so terrified with the happenings.

According to official reports, 12-year-old Gabriel Kuhn borrowed a certain amount of online money from Daniel Patry, which he failed to pay back in the promised time, and that just brought every single thing in a worse situation.

The authorities said that Daniel Patry, who was 16 at the time of the incident, was not happy with the fact that the boy did not return the money, and with that, he started to threaten the boy in a way that he got so scared he started hiding inside his house and refused to get out. 

Daniel Patry then rushed to his house and banged the door, telling him to get out because he wanted to talk, but the boy refused because there was no one inside the house and he did not have the money to repay.

So instead of getting out, the boy decided to ask for more time, but Daniel Patry assured that he wouldn’t hurt the boy and made false promises just to get the door unlocked.

Once the door was opened, he just bombarded into the house right away and started punching the 12 year old telling him that he should have returned the money and even started making threats.

Daniel Patry threatened the boy and at one point, Gabriel Kuhn said he would tell everything to his mother so they could reach out to the authorities, and once he said that, Daniel Patry just started beating the kid more.

The authorities said that there was blood everywhere when they reached the place, and upon investigation they found out that the 16 year old dragged the boy inside a room, where he sexually assaulted them. 

After sexually assaulting the teen, he got out a thread and slit his throat, which made him bleed out. 

As he was leaving, the boy woke up and was still alive, which forced the 16 year old to come back and started to just brutally beat the boy again, but this time he got a knife and started slashing the boy.

At one point, he started butchering the boy with the full intent of killing him, and the authorities said that the 16 year old at this point chopped off the left of the 12 year old, and when the autopsy report arrived, it was said that the boy was alive when his leg was chopped off, which means that he felt all the pain throughout the entire horrifying incident.

The 16 year old also slashed the back of the boy and ripped apart the back, which was just horrifying and painful at the same time.

What Did The Autopsy Report Say? 

The autopsy report of Gabriel Kuhn said that he was sexually assaulted and was brutally beaten up begore passing away. 

The authorities also found out that there was just too much trauma to the body, which means that he was brutally raped, sexually assaulted, beaten up, and lost too much blood before passing away. 

The police also noted in the incident filing that there was blood everywhere when they arrived,  which suggests that every single thing happened in a brutal manner. The limbs of the boy were also everywhere along with the weapons that were used in the incident.

Where Is Daniel Patry Right Now? 

After killing the boy, Daniel Patry fled the scene right away, but he was caught by the authorities right away as there were some witnesses who came forward and told the authorities that the 12-year-old boy owed him some money. After being questioned, he admitted that he was the one behind the murder, and after he was placed in prison, he showed no remorse, said official reports.

There were multiple reports that suggested that Daniel Patry was placed in prison for some time, however he got out by 7 years, which means that he got out when he was around 23 years old.

Right now, there is no information known about where he is, so in case we do get an update about Daniel Patry, we would be updating this article right away. 

Summary – Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry Case

The case of Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn is one of the most horrifying ones of this generation, considering that it includes the brutal killing of a 12 year old boy over an online game, where he owed a couple of US dollars to a 16 year old. After Gabriel failed to pay back Daniel Patry, it became clear that he wanted revenge, and when he did, he went over the line, leaving the 12 year old dead. The autopsy report suggests that the 12 year old by was raped, and was slaughtered in a very brutal way. 

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