Polk Audio Buckle Headphones – Review, Price, And Features

The amount of headphones that are available on the internet right now that you can buy are amazingly high, which just makes the entire buying process a very hard one.

The good thing though is that you can always take some help off the internet.

Right now, one of the best headphones that you can buy off the internet are the Polk Audio Buckle, which are affordable and have been used and tested by many people across the globe.

But before you actually purchase the Polk Audio Buckle, you want to take your time and do some research to have a peace of mind about this purchase.

Why Is The Polk Audio Buckle Famous?

One of the most asked question about this headphones is why is it so famous, and to answer that, we have to talk about the features that this headphones has, which includes: In-Line Control, Playback Controls, Volume Control, Rotating Ear Cups, Closed Back, Stereo, L-Shape Plug, Detachable Cable, Leather Cushions, Adjustable Headband, Built-in Microphone, and Noise Cancellation. 

The amount of features that these headphones have are just amazing when compared to the price that they have. So if you’re planning to buy them, they are just amazing compared to the price point it has. 

Also, these headphones are only gonna cost you around $50 to $70 USD or less depending on where you live.

Facts About The Polk Audio Buckle

The thing with the Polk Audio Buckle is that it is mostly known for the amazing line of features that it has, which includes the following things:

  1. It has an in-line control
  2. Has playback controls
  3. Has volume control
  4. Has rotating ear cups
  5. Has closed back for better hold
  6. A stereo
  7. Has an L-shaped plug
  8. A detachable cable
  9. Leather cushions
  10. Has an adjustable headband
  11. Has an built-in microphone
  12. Noise cancellation

These are just some of the amazing facts and features that these headphones have.

Where Can You Buy Polk Audio Buckle Headphones?

If you are planning to purchase the Polk Audio Buckle headphones, you can do so by simply going to websites such as eBay and Amazon. 

Remember, there are other websites on the internet that are selling these headphones, but the thing is that they are third party websites that look shady, which means that you can get scammed in case things do go south. 

This is why if you are trying to buy these headphones, you want to go with websites that are known and are capable of actually sending you the product that you are trying to get.

Polk Audio Buckle Price

Initially when these headphones were released in the market, they had a price point of around $250 USD, which made them direct competitors of big companies, but after some time they went off the market because of other products that had a better price and a much more efficient sound quality. Some years following the initial release, the price went down to around $200, and right now, you can buy these headphones for around $50 USD off eBay.

Polk Audio Buckle Features 

Here are some of the best features that the Polk Audio Buckle has:

  • It has very soft earcups, which ensure comfort and security. 
  • Designed like a headband
  • Has superior materials
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Stitched leather
  • 3 button control and microphone
  • 40mm driver made out of lightweight, durable PET material and in a vented enclosure
  • Wired not bluetooth 

Pros and Cons of the Polk Audio Buckle 

Here are all the pros and cons of having the Polk Audio Buckle:


  • Powerful, distortion-free sound
  • Well-defined midrange
  • Heavy-hitting bass (good for those who love hip-hop songs) 
  • Built-in iOS control
  • Great value for the price it has 


  • Lack of presence in treble
  • A bit trembling with the middle sounds


Right now, these headphones are going for around $50 to $80 USD, making them an amazing option for those that are trying to get headphones that are filled with amazing options.

The thing with these headphones is that they have playback controls, volume control, rotating ear cups, stereo, detachable cables, leather cushions, a microphone and even noise cancellation. Therefore we conclude that at the price that you can buy these headphones for right now, they are totally worth it.