Who Is Daniel Patry And Why Did He Kill Gabriel Kuhn?

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Daniel , a 16 year old, killed Gabriel Kuhn, who was just 12, in 2007 just because of a small reason over an online video game incident in Brazil and the horrifying details of the murder has made people across the globe to think about why did all these things happen and how did the people around them did not know anything about the incident.

The thing is, there are a lot more to know about the Daniel Patry and the Gabriel Kuhn case, so if you’re one of the many people tha’s interested in this murder case, you came to the right place.

Below, we have written down almost every single thing that you need to know about Daniel  and why he killed Gabriel Kuhn. 

Why Did Daniel Patry Kill 

Daniel  and Gabriel Kuhn were playing the Tibia game at a local internet cafe together when the 12-year-old boy decided to request some money from the 16-year-old so they could make a purchase in the game.

When borrowing the money, Gabriel assured Daniel that he will be returning the money after he reaches home as he will get the sum from his mother, but upon returning to their house, the 12-year-old realized that no one was home, so he had to halt the plan to return the money to his friend, who did not like the idea.

The mother of the 12 year old was out of the city at that time and was not picking up his calls, which made the 16-year-old furious, so he decided to take things into his own hands.

How Did Daniel Patry Kill Gabriel

Daniel Pantry killed Gabriel Kuhn after the 12-year-old did not return the money that he had borrowed in a game that they were playing. 

As the 12-year-old was inside their house, Daniel  just stormed his way inside and started to beat Gabriel in a way that no one should ever do. Not only did he beat the boy, but he also sexually harassed and raped the kid before killing him.

When the authorities reached the house, it was just a bloodbath everywhere and the condition the 12 year old boy was in was just horrible.

According to official reports, it is believed that Gabriel had cuts all over his throat, was severely injured and there were signs all over his body that showed he was sexually assaulted by the 16 year old boy before he was brutally killed with a thread, that was used to slit his throat.

The authorities also noted that the blood that was found on the sheets of the bed came from the wound that was present on the throat of the 12-year-old boy.

Anger Issues

Daniel showed signs of anger issues and rage before the incident happened.

There are multiple rumors across Brazil that stated he was actually on therapy before the incident happened but he stopped going to his sessions which made his anger issues and rage worse.

As a result of him failing to control his anger and being rageful, he ended up killing a 12-year-old boy because he failed to repay around 20,000 in a virtual game that they were playing, which is called Tibia.

The authorities that carried out the investigation said that he showed no remorse after killing the 12-year-old and was even seen giggling around his dead body upon they found him lying across the room with blood just being everywhere, including the bedsheets. 

Where Is Daniel Patry Right Now

Right now, it is believed that  Patry is living freely right now.

According to reports, Daniel was only sentenced to spend around 3 years in prison for killing the 12-year-old boy and despite the fact that he did not show any remorse for the murder, the authorities decided to go with such small prison time.

He also received therapy and was scolded by his parents for carrying out the heinous crime.

Did Daniel  Get The Money

No,  never got the 20,000 virtual coins paid back to him, which had a value of around $1.75 in real life. 

Did Show Remorse After Killing Gabriel

The worst thing about he killing Gabriel Kuhn is that he never showed remorse for carrying out such horrible things.

Instead of regretting that he had done something so shameful and barbaric, all Daniel Patry did was laugh and show no remorse. Even the police were left horrified with what they had witnessed after arriving at the scene to investigate the murder case. 

Daniel Raped Gabriel Kuhn

Not only did he brutally beat the 12-year-old boy to death for not returning the money, but he is also raped Gabriel Kuhn before he was left to die.

Investigations revealed that he beat up the 12-year-old bo, raped him and slit his throat before leaving him to die in his own pool of blood. Because of the severity of the case, a lot of people in Brazil still cosnider this one as one of the most petty and horrifying child murder casees of all time in the country.

What’s more horrifying is that the 16-year-old only received 3 years in prison for carrying out the horrifying crime in 2007, which means he has been roaming freely for over 10 years now. 

Daniel And Gabriel Kuhn Murder Case 

The Daniel and Gabriel Kuhn murder case is just one of the worst child murder cases that has ever been witnessed across the globe. 

In this case, a 16-year-old boy killed a 12-year-old boy over the fact that he borrowed virtual coins worth around $1.75, which are around 20,000 in the game that they played, Tibia.

The authorities said that the 16-year-old brutally beat up the 12-year-old, raped him, sexually assaulted him and killed him by slitting his throat with a threat.

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