Gabriel Kuhn Murder Case: Where is Daniel Patry Now?(Crime scene Photo’s)

In 2007, the people that are living in Brazil were left in complete shock after they found out about the Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patrry case, which was a big mess, considering that a teenager was brutally killed by another teenager over a petty reason

While this case shocked a lot of people, most of the ones that did get to know about what happened between Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were just in disbelief, and if you’re one of the many that’s trying to know what happened, you came to the right place.

Below, in this blog, we have listed down everything that you need to know about Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry..

Please do note that this case is extremely gruesome, which is why if you have a weak heart or are very sensitive to content that’s not easy to accept, you want to avoid reading this article. 

What Happened With Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry

In the year 2007, a very unfortunate incident happened in Brazil, where Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn were involved. 

In the case, a boy was murdered by a 16 year old viscious teenager in a way that you cannot imagine in so many ways over a very petty reason and people that get to know about the incident are usually left in shock.

In the incident, which happened in 2007, Gabriel Kuhn, who was just 12 years old, was killed by Daniel Patry, who was 16 year old in ways that you cannot imagine. He was dismembered, sexually assaulted and bled to death because of an online game that was famous at the time in Brazil. 

The two boys were neighbors, said the authorities, and because of the fact that they played online games together, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were extremely close, but because of one single mistake in the game, everything changed and it caused a lot of bad things to happen. 

The game that they played together was Tibia, which is an online multiplayer game where real money can be used. 

The two were gamers and loved playing the game, which is a medieval themed, massively multiplayer online people playing game that was released in January of 1997. 

The game is one of the oldest medieval European inspired games that allowed users to explore the world while completing quests and killing monsters.

This game is so old that it has been translated into more than 20 languages and has more than 1 million registered users. This game is mainly played in Europe up till this date and was one of the first ever 3D games that was released. 

Talking about the incident, the two boys were involved in some money borrowing and after that, things just went south.

Daniel Patry, the 16 year old, was mentally unstable, and became extremely angry over the small incident, which was when Gabriel borrowed some money from him in the game and assured him that he would get paid by the end of the week.

However, when the 12 year old boy failed to repay, the 16 year old just had a breakdown and started acting very weird. 

The amount of money that he borrowed was just around 10,000 digital coins, which was around 1 USD when converted into real money, and because he could not pay the money back on time, the 16 year old acted in such a weird way that he threatened the 12 year old boy.

After he failed to repay, the 16 year old went to the house and forcefully entered the property. He then started attacking the boy and at one point he made it sure that he was regretting all the decisions that he had made. 

The 16 year old boy beat him up so much that he left him in blood. He also sexually assaulted the 12 year old at one point and raped him too. Before killing him, he brought him into the bedroom, where he slit his throat.

The boy was killed and he left the house.

The mother of the 12 year old boy came back home and when she opened the room, where her son usually stays in, she found his dead body and started screaming right away.

She called the authorities, who rushed to the scene and helped the mother because of how severe the case was.

An investigation was launched right away by the authorities after it was realized that another teenager was behind the horrifying case. 

Upon the arrest of Daniel Patry, it was found out by the authorities that he decided to kill the 12 year old boy, who was identified as Gabriel Kuhn, because he did not want anyone to know that he was behind the killing.

He told the authorities that he had no intentions of killing Gabriel, but because he told him that he would go to the authorities to report him for beating him up and sexually asaulting him, he decided to kill the 12 year old boy with hopes of avoiding prison time.

The authorities asked Daniel on what he used to kill Gabriel, and when it was revealed, it was found that he only used a threat to slit his neck, which made the 12 year old boy bleed to his own death

During the investigation, the authorities said that the boy was sexually assaulted before he was killed. There were also signs of brutal force being used, which means that he was beaten up pretty badly by Daniel. 

Why Did Daniel Patry Kill Gabriel Kuhn?

Preliminary investigations revealed that Daniel Patry killed Gabriel Kuhn because he borrowed around 10,000 coins in the game that they played together. 

The mother of Gabriel confirmed that her son and Daniel used to go to a local internet shop together to play games, but she said that she had no idea about the money that her son had borrowed from the 16 year old, who had a lot of mental issues.

The police also concluded that there was no foul play in the scene and the real reason why Gabriel was killed is because of the small amount of money that he had borrowed from Daniel to play the online game, where you can buy and sell anything for free.

The police did not reveal any other information about the incident. 

How Did The Parents Of Daniel Patry React? 

An interview was also carried out for the parents of Daniel Patry, who are people that are compassionate, and when asked about their son, the father said that they did notice a lot of behavioral changes in the son, but because they were just thinking that he was going through puberty, they did not think about him in that way. 

After finding out about the horrifying incident, the parents of Daniel Patry were left in complete shock, particularly in disbelief. They also noted to the police that they told him to seek help from a local psychiatrist, but because he was a very stubborn kid, he refused to go after one session and started bunking his classes.

The parents of Daniel Patry also helped out in the entire investigation, making sure that the authorities brought justice to the victim of the incident, which was caused by the wild actions of Daniel Patry.

Some Horrifying Facts About The Murder Of Gabriel Kuhn

Here are some horrifying facts about the murder of Gabriel Kuhn

  • After Gabriel failed to repay the money to Daniel Patry, the 16 year old made sure that he would not play the game again, which led to him abusing the 12 year old on multiple occasions. 
  • Daniel Patry had a hard time controlling his anger, and because of this, his parents frequently told him to get professional help and even brought him to a local psychiatrist, but he did not revisit or get help again due to unknown reasons. 
  • Daniel Patry rushed to the house of Gabriel Kuhn after he failed to repay the money that he had borrowed. 
  • Upon reaching the house of Gabriel Kuhn, Daniel Patry started beating up the 12 year old in a way that would make him cry out for help, but no one came to the house to check out what was happening. 
  • Daniel Patry beat up the boy, tortured him, sexually assaulted him, and robbed the 12 year old boy before killing him on the scene because he got scared that he might report it to someone that he was the one who did the horrifying thing. 
  • Images of the scene were taken by someone at the scene, and they were uploaded on various social media platforms, and websites, which is why a lot of people are searching about this horrifying brutal case.
  • When Daniel Patry was arrested by the authorities for killing the 12 year old boy, it was reported that he did not show any remorse, which made the authorities conclude that he had bad blood with Gabriel Kuhn
  • The house of Gabriel Kuhn was in a state that the investigating officers called extremely damaged and images that went viral on the internet showed the interior of the house covered in a lot of blood, which is believed to be the 12 year olds’.
  • When Daniel Patry wanted to get inside the house, Gabriel Kuhn was trying to save himself, but because he was too strong and was good with words, Daniel Patry committed and promised that he would not beat up the 12 year old.
  • When killing Gabriel, Daniel strangled the 12 year old by a thread, which caused him to slit his throat, and then eventually he died because of blood loss. 
  • After Daniel killed Gabriel, he thought that he could get rid of the body, but because it was too big, he decided to leave it there considering that Daniel was around 5 feet tall upon his death. 
  • Once he made sure that Daniel was already dead, he started to dismember the corpse, cut his body with a hacksaw and a kitchen knife. 
  • While Daniel Patry was trying to kill the 12 year old, at one point he woke up and screamed in pain while he was being dismembered. At this point, Daniel Patry just laughed at what was happening and went on to kill the boy. 

Where Is Daniel Patry Right Now? 

After the incident in Brazil, which happened in 2007, Daniel Patry was brought into custody, and there he showed no signs of remorse. The authorities in Brazil only sentenced him to around 3 years of prison time, and after his release in 2010, there are no confirmations on where he went and what he did. 

Right now, it is believed that Daniel Patry is still in Brazil, and is around 31 years old right now. The current whereabouts of the killer remains unknown, and if we do get any update about him, we will update this article right away. 

Summary – Daniel Kuhn Daniel Patry

The case of Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn is just something that shows how much we have to take care of our children if they are showing signs of being abusive. This can allow us to make sure that nothing is gonna happen bad to our children or those that are around them. In case your kids are showing signs of anger issues, make sure that you are getting them proper help so you can avoid cases like these. Remember, a simple mistake or misunderstanding can lead to a lot of unfortunate events or happenings, which is why take your time and make sure that you are helping out your children

So far, these are the only publicly made information about the Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry case. In case we do get an update on something new, we will be updating this article right away so you or anyone that’s trying to know more information about the Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patrry case can stay updated.

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