Daniel Patry And Gabriel Kuhn Murder Case – Crime Scene Photos

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Everything started when Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry were playing the game of Tibia, which is an online game at the time of the incident in 2007. While playing the game, the 12 year old boy asked for some online coins, which were given by the 16 year old through the game itself. The police did confirm that everything happened because of the game and the money that was owned by the 12 year old.

The authorities said that Daniel Patry threatened Gabriel Kuhn that if he failed to return the money, he would be facing a lot of consequences. The 12 year old boy returned to his house right away with hopes of getting the money from his mother, but she was not home, so instead of going back he locked himself inside the house to avoid any further issues.

Daniel Patry then came to his house in extreme anger, and started to beat the door while threatening him, reminding him that he had to pay him. After that happened, he realized that the 12 year old boy would not open the door, so he started making false promises, giving him assurance that he would not harm him or anything because he just wanted to talk and ask when he would be getting the money that was owed to him.

Gabriel opened the door, and this is where things went ugly.

Once Daniel went inside the house, he started beating up Gabriel in a very brutal way. He was punching his face, kicking him and was dragging him around. The neighbors did say that they heard screams, but they did not bother checking because they thought they were just playing and were screaming around. 

After beating up the 12 year old boy, Daniel Patry started sexually assaulting the boy, and at one point raped him, confirmed the autopsy report because there were signs of sexual abuse at the parts of his private organs. After that, he started beating up the boy again and once Gabriel said that he would tell everything to the police and would report the incident to his mother, he knew he messed up and went into further rage.

Daniel got a knife and started stabbing the 12 year old boy and with a thread, he slit the throat Gabriel Kuhn. The authorities said that despite all that, the 12 year old boy was still alive and after he realized that he was not dead, he decided to chop off some of his body organs to kill him to avoid being arrested.

While chopping him off, the 16 year old ended up creating a huge mess, leaving blood and fingerprints everywhere and the locals started to notice that something fishy was going on because of how severe and constant the screams were. 

After the boy passed away, Daniel Patry left the scene and was caught by the authorities laterwards. He was then placed in prison for 7 years and was released after he served his time. Right now, it is not known where he lives or where he resides. 

What Happened To Gabriel Kuhn? 

Gabriel Kuhn passed away after he was brutally killed by a guy named Daniel Patry. The horrifying murder case happened in the year 2007 and is still making headlines across the globe because of how severe it was. 

Where Is Daniel Patry Right Now? 

Right now, there is no information available on where Daniel Patry is. However, it is known that he was released from prison after he served the 7 year prison time that was given to him in the year 2007. 

Authorities said that he showed zero remorse for the killing at the time of the incident and were left in complete shock considering that he was just 16 years old when he carried out the horrifying act. 

Gabriel Kuhn Autopsy Report

There is an autopsy report for Gabriel Kuhn, however it was not released to the public by the authorities in Brazil because of the severity of the case itself. 

Daniel Patry And Gabriel Kuhn Crime Scene Photos

There are some videos and images of Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn Crime Scene Photos on the internet, however they are too severe to look at. We cannot share them here too because they are not viewable and there’s a huge chance that the images would be removed due to how brutal they are. 

In the images that you can find on the internet that are related to the case, you can see the back of the 12 year old open, his leg chopped off and his neck slit. 

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