Working on Your Private Label Lipsticks Packaging? Here’s What You Need to Know

Last Updated on May 20, 2022 by Kylie Morrison

If you ask any woman what’s in their handbag, the most obvious answer would be their lipsticks. Without any doubt, lipsticks have been one of the women’s best friends. It not only enhances their beautiful lips but also glamorizes their overall look. Now that is the most obvious reason why private label lipsticks have been in so much demand. Apart from a quality by-product, another thing that captures the audience’s attention is the product’s packaging. Lipsticks usually come in cute customized packaging. 

If you’re also interested in starting your lipstick range, then you may have to focus on this aspect at a certain point. Packaging should be attractive, protective, and luxurious enough to portray an artistic look. Everything makes a difference, from graphics to color tones and other elements. We have shared a quick rundown that describes how your dedicated private label lipstick manufacturers need to focus on the same. 

Colors, when selected precisely, can set off customers’ emotions, influencing them to purchase the product. Likewise, the hues you may pick can make or break the impact. So, let’s get ahead with tips to design your signature lipsticks’ packaging without further delay. 

  • Learn More About Customers’ Needs First 

Of course, It is a crucial factor for personalized packaging. Without knowing buyers’ expectations, and needs, you will not offer pleasant products in customized boxes. Starting with segmentation will help you recognize the different kinds of customers you have. Then, you can work with a designer or manufacturer to create customized packaging and satisfying psychographics. 

  • Pay Attention to the Little Details 

Once you are completely well acquainted with the preferences of your target audience, you are halfway there. Keep in mind that the artwork needs to be relevant and dazzling enough, intending to sell and display. It is a great idea to think out of the box and have your private label lipsticks in stunning packaging that simply relates to the buyers’ taste. 

  • Bring In Some Elucidating Context 

The text on packaging always needs to be portrayed in a manner that convinces the customers to like and buy the product. Offer inclusive details and directions to use of the lipstick on it along with the net weight, make, and how long the consumer can use it. Create a value of your lipstick products by giving customers a reason to invest in them. 

  • Packaging That Woos The Customers 

Lipstick or any other cosmetic product range needs to offer ease to the target audience. Make it look fascinating enough that it opens up and stacks up easily. In simple words, be it the compact packaging or a full-fledged kit, it needs to be user-friendly. The styles, text, design, and finishing options should also be selected after figuring out buyers’ convenience and preferences. 

  • Follow the Monochrome Code 

A very famous trend in the world of lipsticks is that most of the elite cosmetics brands pack them in monochrome packaging. The hue black and white has always caught the attention of the consumers. The reason why it looks cool and luxurious is because of the mystery it holds. Consumers in the cosmetics industry are usually drawn to things that they do not understand. So whenever you come across a sense of secrecy to it, definitely it generates a unique interest. However, if you don’t prefer monochrome to be a part of your lipstick products’ packaging, then you can definitely give a try clean and subtle pastels. 


How do you choose your private label lipstick products’ customized packaging? What highlights you prefer to portray to your consumer base? Let us know in the comments below; we’d appreciate your responses/suggestions.