New military marriage worries mom


amy dickinson

Dear Amy: My daughter was recently married.

We didn’t meet her wife in person until the week of their wedding, and then they went back to Europe for work, where they both served in the military.

They both just moved back to the States and are living with us while my daughter finishes an internship.

I am shocked by her wife! She is always putting my daughter down … she is a true narcissist, and I am so shocked and worried that this person will harm my daughter’s light!

I see it happening already. I feel that she fell for this person during a trauma and that they share a trauma bond.

She had an injury and was breaking up with her boyfriend, and this person swooped in.

I see many examples of how jealous and controlling she can be.

My question is, can I confront my daughter? I’m worried about her future and her money. There was no prenup, and I could just scream, “Run!”


— Worried Mom

Dear Worried: You should not view any statement of concern as a confrontation, because your daughter might interpret this as your effort to control her — much as her wife is doing.


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