GA4 now shows Performance Max and Smart Shopping data

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Everyones favorite new tool Google Analytics 4 is now showing performance data from Performance Max and Smart Shopping campaigns.

Where. To view PMax and SS campaigns, navigate to Acquisition > Traffic acquisition reportyou’ll see that the data is organized by the Session default channel grouping dimension. (Click + to choose a secondary dimension.) Performance Max and Smart Shopping campaigns are under Cross Network.

Google announcement. This is one that Google may or may not have forgotten to publicly announce, but Charles Farina discovered and posted about it on Linkedin this week. You can review the GA4 default channel groupings help doc here.

Why we care. The rollout of GA4 has a lot of us less than enthused. Mix that in with the elusiveness of Performance Max and you have yourself some pretty PO’d advertisers. While the addition of this data gets us one step closer to full visibility, let’s just see how the information is reported and attributed.

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