Cookieless case studies: How brands are seeing a 9X lift in CTR

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The cookieless future is here (despite what Google says). If you haven’t found an identity solution, it’s time.

We’re doing our part at Lotame, to ensure marketers, agencies and publishers are prepared and ready to conquer the cookieless future. With hundreds of campaigns launched across the globe, Lotame’s identity solution, Panorama ID, is proving that advertising on the open web is sustainable, profitable, and privacy safe.

“We’ve done our due diligence and trust Lotame Panorama ID. The predictive cookieless solution is delivering fantastic results for our leading brand portfolio in terms of scale across the open web and cost-efficiency. We’re well-positioned to grab the cookieless future by the horns — in fact, we already are!” – Miles Pritchard, managing partner, OMD – EMEA.

See the results for yourself in this collection of cookieless case studies. Access it now to see the success stories of marketers and agencies around the world including how:

  • Banana Boat achieved 94% VCR in first cookieless video vampaign
  • Luxury car brand saw 2X more cost-efficient engagement
  • Dr. Martens sees 9X increase in CTR

Access the collection of Cookieless Case Studies Around the World now!

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