3 new Google reporting columns for conversions

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Google just announced three new conversion reporting columns to save advertisers the hassle of applying custom segments to see each individual conversion action and the categories they fall under.

The new columns. The three new conversions columns are:

  • Results
  • Results value
  • Conversion goals

Let’s dig in.


This column shows the number of conversions you’ve received across all primary conversion actions for each of your standard goals. Advertisers will also see the impact this campaign is driving against goals it’s not optimizing towards.


Results value

This column shows the calculated conversion values you’ve received across your primary conversion actions for each of the standard goals in your account.


Conversion goals

This column will show the goals listed in your campaign-level settings that drive performance.


Dig deeper. For more info on Google’s new conversion columns, you can visit their help center.

Why we care. Advertisers who measure conversions should try the new columns to see which ones offer better visibility into their account goals as well as what they mean for your performance.

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