What Are Crystal Healing Wands And How To Use Them

Last Updated on June 3, 2022 by Kylie Morrison

Getting yourself healed with crystal chakra energy has become more popular in the past few years. Earlier people were more into meditating and yoga but now if they perform the same practice they love to keep crystal healing wands in their surroundings or either they place them close to human body chakras. Though there are many places from where you can shop crystals, nothing can replace the authenticity you can have with online stores. Crystals are most commonly used to remove negativity from your surroundings. Let’s find out reasons why you should give crystal healing wands a try?

What are crystal healing wands?

It is widely known for its liner shaped structure that is used as a healing tool worldwide. These wands work amazingly to unblock human chakras and to realign on their same place. People who usually feel blockage in their energy these crystal healing wands help people to relocate their zeal. 

How can you use a crystal healing wand on yourself? 

  • Cleanse 

Crystals hold an energetic charge in itself either positive or negative, it’s always recommended to wash the crystals beforehand to flush out the negativity from crystals healing wands, so that once you possess them you will only get positive results. 

  • Set an intention

Crystals work beautifully on energy. You allow them to act, when you first day hold your cleansed crystal healing wand, close your eyes, and unhesitantly sets your intention you want to achieve with that. Once you start your practice with the same energy you will notice a great change in your routine. 

  • Visualize crystals energy

When you are sitting relaxed with your crystal, try to feel the energy entering your body.  Close your eyes and visualize the positivity envisioned, feel the color of your chakra and try to lose your presence into it. 

  • Rotate the wands

Rotate your wands when you start envisioning the energy. Don’t go super fast or slow, try to maintain the direction and pace of the crystal healing wand, your mind’s performance should match with your crystal movements. 

  •  Release negative energies

When you are practicing with crystal healing wands, try feeling like all negativity of your body is releasing out. Focus on your breath and you will notice a drastic change in your suffering. Crystals have potential to lift your lows to highs or conversion of negatives into positives.  

Final Words

Crystals have become a great source of getting the kind of energy that you are expecting from surroundings but unable to get that and you will end up getting frustrated.  If you have used them earlier and are feeling a noticeable change in your lifestyle then you might not get delayed gifting to those people who are in need. Alongside you can also order healing crystals gift sets by visiting any renowned crystal healing stone website. For becoming the part of goodness you can start hustling from now onwards.