The Most Affordable Cities to Live and Work

The cost of living has been skyrocketing for over three years, and many are running out of options.  Although they want to live somewhere that has a great job market, they don’t want to deal with the high costs that come with areas like DC or NYC.  

If you’re ready for an affordable city and want to make the most out of your move, these are the most affordable cities to live and work in! 

Knoxville, Tennessee

When you’re ready to find a perfect work-life balance, it’s time to look into Knoxville real estate!   Knoxville is awesome because of its rock and roll attitude for the companies within it, the chance to climb any corporate ladder you want, and the affordable living.

Although this isn’t the top city most think of in Tennessee, it’s a dream come true for someone who’s ready to start fresh and wants to go somewhere gorgeous to do it.

Houston, Texas

There’s nowhere like Houston to find affordable living and working conditions!  Houston has wonderful nonstop businesses that want to help you further your careers.  If you’re good at what you do, it’s easy to climb the corporate ladder, especially if you work in communications or entertainment.

This city is awesome to live in!  Not only does Houston have the best nightlife in the country, but you can also get away to deep beautiful forests or take a drive and end up on beautiful Galveston Beach within a couple of hours!  There’s nowhere like Houston.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is possibly the easiest city to see yourself living in!  Although it’s the capital of Ohio, the average rent is less than $1,000 a month, and the cost of living is 15% less than the national average!  This makes it livable for everyone while still being impressively beautiful with lots to see and to see.  The average income here is $4,000 a month, but if you make more, you’ll be on an easy street!

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis will surprise you!  This amazing city has an average monthly income of almost $5,000 while offering one-bedroom rent for as low as $900 a month!  Whether you’re trying to save up to have kids or to eventually buy a home, you’ll be able to afford it here. 

There are countless things to do in Indianapolis, from checking out the races to enjoying the numerous clubs, bars, and theaters in the area.  This is an amazing space for everyone to live in. 

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth will blow you away the moment you arrive!  Close to Dallas and Arlington, this area has the highest rent on this list but is still affordable, sitting at $1,128 a month.  The average income is higher here, too, since there are countless options for employment in the tech and entertainment industries.  

Living Affordably Can Mean Urban Living! 

Although many think they have to move out to rural areas to be able to afford to live, some cities still give you a chance to thrive!  Consider moving to any of these cities!