Snoop Cereal at center of sabotage complaint


LAKEVILLE, MINN. — Hip-hop stars Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus and Percy “Master P” Miller have filed a lawsuit against Post Consumer Brands and Walmart, alleging that both companies sabotaged their cereal brand, Snoop Cereal.

According to the complaint filed Feb. 6 in the District Court State of Minnesota, Post reached a profit-sharing agreement with Broadus and Miller’s food product company Broadus Foods to produce and distribute Snoop Cereal to major retailers. However, the complaint alleges that Post deliberately made Snoop Cereal unavailable and unaffordable after both Broadus and Miller refused to sell Broadus Foods.

“Post intended to only give appearances that they were following the agreement, when in reality Post ensured that Snoop Cereal would not be available to consumers or that it would incur exorbitant costs that would eliminate any profit to Broadus Foods,” the lawsuit said. “Essentially, because Snoop Dogg and Master P refused to sell Snoop Cereal in totality, Post entered a false arrangement where they could choke Broadus Foods out of the market, thereby preventing Snoop Cereal from being sold or produced by any competitor.”

Walmart is named in the complaint because it is the largest seller of Post products and because the two allegedly conspired to hide Snoop Cereal in stockrooms.

“Many Walmart stores showed online and in the Walmart employees’ in-store application that Snoop Cereal was sold out or out of stock,” the lawsuit said. “However, upon further investigation by store employees, each of these stores had several boxes of Snoop Cereal in their stockrooms that were coded to not be put out on the store shelves. Unlike the other Post branded boxes of cereal around them, these Snoop Cereal boxes had been in the stockrooms for months without ever being made available to customers.”

Responding to the complaint, Post Consumers Brands said: “Post Consumer Brands was excited to partner with Broadus Foods and we made substantial investments in the business. We were equally disappointed that consumer demand did not meet expectations.”

Walmart also commented on the lawsuit.

“Walmart values our relationships with our suppliers, and we have a strong history of supporting entrepreneurs,” the company said. “Many factors affect the sales of any given product, including consumer demand, seasonality, and price to name a few. We will respond as appropriate with the court once we are served with the complaint.”

Snoop Cereal was introduced last year in three flavors: Fruity Hoopz, Cinnamon Toasteez and Frosted Drizzlerz. At the time of the product’s launch, Broadus said it was “a blessing” to be able to create a product from a family name that his children, grandchildren and beyond could be a part of.

“We are making history, and Momma Snoop products are coming next,” Broadus said. “Working with Post Consumer Brands will guarantee the highest quality, most diverse flavors and best-tasting product on the market. Master P and I are the new Kings of Breakfast Food.”


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