Robert Hanssen, FBI agent who spied for Russia, died of natural causes

Robert Hanssen (AP Photo/FBI, File)
Robert Hanssen (AP Photo/FBI, File)

Robert Hanssen, the former FBI agent caught selling damaging secrets to the Russians during and after the Cold War, died of natural causes last month inside Colorado’s notorious Supermax prison, the El Paso County coroner found.

An autopsy conducted by the coroner ruled Hanssen, 79, died of metastatic colon adenocarcinoma — or colon cancer.

He was found dead in his cell June 5 at the U.S. Penitentiary ADMAX in Florence.

Hanssen has been called the most damaging spy in U.S. history. The FBI agent, throughout the 1980s and ’90s, provided highly classified national security information to the Russians in exchange for more than $1.4 million in cash, bank funds and diamonds.

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