Is the HHC Vape Worth The Hype?

Isn’t this a fantastic moment to be around? Especially if you are a cannabis user who also enjoys e-cigarettes. Following the recent success of D8 and D9 THC, the cannabis business has been looking for a new, less famous cannabinoid to introduce to a hungry cannabis audience on the lookout for new vape carts to put in their vape pens. With Hexahydrocannabidiol, they have struck gold. You can quickly buy HHC vape online.

What is Hexahydro Cannabinol (HHC), and how does it work?

It is a natural cannabinoid present in nature. It exists in all cannabis and hemp plants, including Cannabis Indica and Sativa. It is, nevertheless, a mild cannabinoid compound. It only shows up in minor quantities. These HHC quantities are so insignificant that manufacturers do not find them economically feasible. As a result, it has been unnoticed until now.


However, with the growth of the vaping and cannabis industries, Hexahydrocannabinol is rising.

HHC comes in various forms, and it may originate from THC predecessor, Cannabidiol, citronellol, among other terpenes. This factor is significant because although cannabis is gradually becoming legal, individual states’ rules are still somewhat hazy. These days, brands who make HHC mainly stick to hemp since omitting THC strengthens their legality claims.

Because CBD is legal in the United States, HHC originates from it. It, like other cannabinoids, may be made through manipulating molecules from other cannabinoids. Technically, this qualifies it as a synthetic cannabinoid, but it does not negate the advantages of using it.


Advantages of HHC

It is challenging to state the advantages every user will see, but that is true with any cannabinoid available there. The fact is that we still do not know whether HHC offers health benefits.

Hexahydrocannabidiol products are relatively recent. And, unlike CBD or D9 THC, it did not pique the researchers’ curiosity. According to the data we have, it does offer some medicinal qualities.


According to Japanese research from 2007, this product was a strong pain-blocker. However, this was mouse research. According to another study, HHC has a high potential for inhibiting breast cancer proliferation. This analysis is still hypothetical since it will take a long time for researchers to investigate the advantages of HHC thoroughly.


  • For the time being, anecdotal data suggests that HHC may be effective in the following areas: Potentially controlling chronic pain.
  • Anxiety and depression management
  • Improving the quality of sleep
  • Taking care of vomiting and nausea


Is it possible to get high on HHC?

Yes, it is possible. In this regard, Hexahydrocannabinol differs from CBD, and its psychedelic qualities are not insignificant. It has the same effects as diluted THC. The intensity of your HHC high, on the other hand, is determined by two factors: your dosage and your product preferences.

Because HHC originates in a lab, it often comprises both types of molecules (inactive and active). Your endocannabinoid system’s CB2 and CB1 receptors attach to the active chemicals. 

The passive, on the other hand, do nothing. Separating potent HCC from other molecules is too costly and complex for manufacturers to figure out. So purchasing it is essentially a gamble: you may get a terrific or unreliable product.


Although the couch-lock experience may still occur, anecdotal data suggests that it seldom happens. Low-strength HHC has a wide range of products, ranging from a comparable but milder sensation to nothing. If you come into the high-strength kind, you should anticipate a powerful physical and cerebral high similar to a moderate THC high. You will feel like you consume CBN, CBD, or other minor cannabinoids.


Is It Possible to Vape It?

Yes, you certainly can. You can purchase HHC cartridges compatible with your vape pen just like you can obtain most other cannabinoids. Several producers are making significant progress in this field.


Since this product is still new, finding high-quality carts is relatively tricky. HHC is a slight risk since there are two types of HHC: active and inactive. It is all combined in the same set. So, before filling your vape device with a dud, do your homework on a few different brands. This research will allow you to relax, knowing you are not squandering your earnings. HHC cartridges are more difficult to acquire compared to standard THC vapes. The latter is more popular nowadays, so popular that you can even get disposable vapes. However, you may still locate a few reliable providers near you. Just verify their independent lab information once before making the purchase.


The procedure is standard as D8 and CBD vapes. You can quickly connect the vape cart to your vaporizer. Then, press the activate or fire button. Once the oil heats up, you are all set.


What About the Negative Consequences?

There is not much information to go on regarding side effects. Most users report moderate side effects comparable to D9 THC. If you overdo it, you will experience paranoia and anxiety and a parched mouth, dry and red eyes, sleeplessness, and cravings.


Is It Legal, and Will It Remain So?

HHC is a naturally occurring phytocannabinoid that is not even THC. So, under the ambit of the Farm Bill (2018), it should be lawful. The majority of HHC, on the other hand, is synthesized. This factor implies it may attract the attention of the agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration. If these agencies detect HHC, they may decide to outlaw these products. Moreover, many governments may interfere, particularly if this top-rated derivative becomes popular.


HHC is currently operating without any supervision from the authorities. However, no one can guarantee what will happen in the future. So, it is now the ideal time to try these products out.


HHC vape

Is HHC Detectable on Drug Tests?

If you are taking HHC, you may not need to worry about a positive THC drug test, assuming you ever have to undergo an examination. Because it has not undergone a thorough study, this factor is never 100% definite.


HHC compounds do not decay like D8, D9, and D10 THC do; therefore, it does not convert to 11-hydroxy-THC. Most drug testing kits try to identify 11-hydroxy-THC. If no metabolite may activate the drug test, the test cannot be positive. All this information is still unclear. You are better off avoiding HCC altogether if your job requires drug testing. You can go with CBD instead. CBD is more reliable and safe compared to other alternatives. Yes, it is a unique experience. However, for some people, it may be better.



Should you go for it with this new cannabinoid? Is it worth the hype? The verdict is still undecided. You can try these products and discover if they work for you. If you do not find them a good fit, you can opt for something else. However, it is an individual choice that you will have to make.