Essentials Tools Used In The Nyc Soundstage For Film Production

There is always a debate between location shooting or soundstage shooting; which one is better? Well, both have their own set of benefits. The only thing that differentiates them is that every facility available at a location can be easily created by NYC sound stages while locations can’t fulfill the soundstage requirements. If you want to learn about the essential tools used in soundstages that make the process of filming easy, keep reading.

Portable Cameras

If you think filmmakers run around shooting with DSLR or regular cameras, let us burst your bubble. Filmmaking is very complicated, and cameras not only need to capture scenes but also some amazing effects. At film production sets, you get highly portable cameras to work with and use them in your favor. 

Green Screen Background

Another essential tool used by virtual studio sets is the green screen backgrounds. We are talking about the same screen you must have spotted in the behind-the-scenes of an action film. Most often, they shoot on virtual sets and use green screens in their background. The reason is that green screens enable easy editing and create visual effects. How do you think they show the hero jumping off the building or even high mountains? That is the work of a green screen that makes such editing super easy. Sometimes it is impossible to fix a green screen in the background when shooting at a location, but you have full access to the sets. 

Adequate Lighting

If you are new to this industry, know that lighting on the sets has a huge impact on the quality of the video. A movie or scene shooted in a poorly lit background gives a very unappealing impression to the audience. So, in order to capture a clear and appealing scene, you need the right lighting in the background. There are different kinds of lights that combine in deciding the lighting, like background light, shadows, etc. well; in most of the virtual sound stages, a special focus is kept on the lighting. They provide reflectors that can be used to control overhead lights and improve the quality of every video. Reflectors are usually available in black, silver, and gold colors.

Motion Control Camera System

We have seen a major change in the movie industry in terms of picture quality. By using advanced filming tools, makers can now do more premium-looking work. One such tool that makes the process simpler and more premium are the motion control cameras. This equipment is designed to suit motion pictures. In the past, capturing clear scenes in difficult locations or scenarios was very challenging. But not anymore, as this can be done conveniently with motion control cameras. Now you just need to find someone who is an expert and has a good hand in using a motion control camera system. 

These are some most common tools used in a soundstage studio. You can enrich the film quality by using the equipment.