3 Ways to Help an Elderly Loved One This Summer

Last Updated on April 5, 2023 by Andrew

These days, nothing can be taken for granted. This rule applies to your situation, your house, your job and your family, and the people around you, without whom your life would be considerably emptier. 

Suppose you find yourself with some spare time this summer. In that case, one of the most mutually beneficial things you could possibly do is to reach out to older members of your family and spend time assisting them, entertaining them and helping to ensure they are happy. 

So, with this in mind, continue reading to learn of three key ways to help an elderly loved one this summer. 

Although not the case for every older adult, as a person enters the leafy fall of their life, they have either already possessed or, indeed, still cherish every material item they could reasonably think of, and it can often be hard to think of appropriate gifts.

Summertime is an especially isolating season for many elderly people, perhaps due to the rest of their family taking long vacations away from the area or because they cannot withstand the heat. 

So, to get you out of the house and to spend quality time with your elderly loved one, encourage and participate in day trips, craft and art shows, painting classes or simply take them on a tour of the area in which they grew up. 

Being immersed in nature and fresh air, especially in the warm evenings when the sun has gone down but it is still comfortable outside, will not only serve to enhance your loved one’s physical health but their emotional well-being as well. 

  • Run Errands

It may well be that your older loved one is more than capable of heading out to the grocery store in the heat to fill up on household essentials, but whether they are physically able or not, offering to run errands will certainly be appreciated.

What is more, as elderly people tend to have regular prescriptions and medicines, you could even set up an online medication delivery service with a reputable and renowned pharmaceutical supplier such as those at chemistclick.co.uk, if they do have difficulties with mobility.

  • Home & Garden Adaptations 

The third most helpful suggestion to make sure your elderly loved one is taken care of and is appreciated and loved this summertime is to discuss the possibility of making minor changes to their home.

Whether your older loved one currently has issues regarding their accessibility, or else they are simply not as steady on their feet as they were in the past, simple adaptations to their home and backyard can make a huge difference to their feeling of freedom and the ease at which they move around. 

From raised toilet seats and rails around the bath, to slip mats in the shower, and handles that easily turn on the faucets, focusing on the bathroom would be an ideal place to start.  

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