3 Reasons to Sign Up for Online Apps with Disposable Phone Numbers

These days almost every online application asks users to verify their identity during registration by receiving a confirmation code to the mobile phone number.  But this option is not suitable for everyone. Some projects do not support numbers from specific countries, while others do not seem to be reliable enough for sharing with them any confidential information. There could also be other cases besides these. What can be done in such similar uncomfortable situations? Just use a disposable online phone number instead. This tool has been available on the market for a pretty long time and has several significant advantages.

Working at any time

This benefit of such service is the most obvious because it is simply expressed in its name. Online numbers work completely on the internet. There is no need to go anywhere in order to get and start using them, like when it comes to purchasing a SIM card from the mobile operator.

Everything that potential users have to do is to visit a specialized website or app that does offer virtual telephony solutions. Since they always work in automatic mode, it is not necessary to wait for someone to become able to serve you. In addition, signing up for such platforms does not require providing any specific information while using them is about making a few clicks literally, so the whole process from beginning to end takes no longer than several minutes.

Creation of numerous accounts

Disposable phone numbers are a good solution for creating accounts in online services when it is impossible to do with a personal number. However, it is suitable not only for a single registration. Since there are no limitations on how many disposable numbers each person can get and activate, there is nothing wrong with using them to create multiple and basically unlimited profiles on the same website or application.

With disposable phone numbers, everyone can register several accounts on Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, and any other popular internet resource just by taking a new number for each registration. It is not only more convenient but also way more cost-effective than purchasing SIM cards wholesale for this purpose. The price per one disposable number for bypassing OTP does not exceed a few tens of cents.

Maximum privacy assurance

Eventually, disposable phone numbers are also great in preserving the privacy of their users. This is primarily because of the fact that they have no connection. If somehow such a phone number gets in the hands of a fraudster, it will look for him as a set of random digits. So there is no need to worry about data hacks and leakages. But that is not all. Disposable numbers are also:

  • Operated without providing any personal data;
  • Unavailable for tracking;
  • Cannot be attacked with spam messages and calls.

Thus, using disposable phone numbers for registration on online resources is a great way to become much more private and secure than the rest of the users. This is a very significant feature at a time when confidentiality on the internet is of paramount importance.


It is definitely worth it to use disposable numbers when signing up for websites and applications, at least if a personal phone number is unavailable or there is a need to create multiple accounts. They are comparably cheap, easy to operate, and pretty good in increasing privacy. If this is what you were looking for, then make sure to check out the sms-man.com service, which is considered one of the best providers in the virtual telephony industry.

This platform offers disposable phone numbers for receiving SMS from all the well-known internet resources in more than a hundred countries around the world. In addition, it can be operated not only via the website but also through software for PC and an automated bot on Telegram. So it is pretty suitable for the task of any complexity.