How Can CBCT Scan Enhance Your Treatment?

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Compared to digital x-rays, CBCT scans generate crisper, more accurate images! Although it is a great benefit, this is not the only reason orthodontist clinic uses CBCT scanning.

There are several benefits to CBCT scans, some of which may surprise you. They create 3D visuals but are gentler on the earth and people’s bodies. (Did you know that CBCT scans expose you to less radiation than a traditional CT?)

Continue reading this piece for all the information you need to know about the advantages of CBCT imaging.

Provide Minimal Exposure to Radiation

Excessive radiation exposure can potentially damage the DNA in your cells, increasing your risk of various cancers.

Therefore, minimizing exposure wherever possible is essential, and CBCT scanning does just that. However, all imaging scans expose patients to some degree of radiation.

So, while cone beam CT scans provide radiation exposure, they are less than conventional CT scans.

Allow Convenient Cloud Storage

CBCT scans are simple to transfer, save, and access as needed. The likelihood of CBCT scans being lost or misplaced is lower because cloud storage is far more practical than hard storage. We can securely share your CBCT scans with your dentist or another professional in only a few minutes if you need it done.

Produce High-Quality Images

The layering of 150 to 200 high-resolution images obtained during imaging is how CBCT scans produce clear 3D images. Dentists and orthodontists can thoroughly examine the bone and gum tissues, teeth, and orthodontic and periodontal issues using these high-quality 3D scans.

If necessary, your orthodontist can enlarge or reduce the size of photos, rotate them, or change the contrast to developing a customized treatment strategy that considers every element of your smile.

Conventional digital x-rays produce a 2D image that can be enhanced with tools but falls short of cone beam computed tomography in precision and depth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We have compiled a list of FAQs – Check them out.

1. What Do CBCT Scans Show?

When a clearer view of your oral structures is required, a cone beam CT scan is performed! With the aid of this device, your doctor may acquire a 3D image of your nerves, soft tissues, teeth, and jawbones all at once! Without CBCT, it would not be possible to fully understand your craniofacial and oral health, which is essential for developing specialized treatment regimens unique to you.

2. What Is the Primary Benefit of CBCT in Dentistry?

Your dentist can benefit from a CBCT scan or cone-beam computed tomography scan to get a better overall image of your complete mouth, jaw, nasal, and neck areas. A CBCT produces amazing 3D images that reveal the bone, soft tissue, and any dental work that may be present in these regions.


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