What are unruggable?

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Unruggable tokens are a brand-new cryptocurrency that has grown in acceptance recently. These tokens are made to be difficult to manipulate, even by the token’s designers and developers. A token that cannot be “rug pulled”—a word used to describe a scenario in which the token’s producers sell out all of their holdings, leaving investors with worthless tokens—is, in essence, an unruggable token.

The value of non-tamper-evident tokens

Scams and rug pulls have long plagued the cryptocurrency industry. Investors now find it challenging to believe new ventures and tokens as a result. Unruggable tokens’ existence has increased market confidence in cryptocurrencies. Investors who use these tokens can be confident that the token’s designers and developers won’t try to take advantage of them or manipulate the market.

How do uncrackable tokens function?

Tokens that are unruggable are made to be difficult to manipulate in a variety of ways. First off, the smart contracts that control these tokens are visible and auditable, allowing anybody to review the code to make sure it is secure. Second, a fair launch mechanism is often used to launch the tokens, giving each investor an equal opportunity to buy the token.

Finally, because the creators of these tokens often do not own sizable percentages of the token, they lack the ability to control the market. A lot of unruggable tokens also include built-in safeguards against massive sell-offs and price manipulation.

Unruggable token examples

In the bitcoin market, there are many instances of tokens that cannot be revoked. The SafeMoon token, which debuted in March 2021, is among the most well-known instances. Due to its unruggable design, which includes a 10% fee on all transactions that is given to token holders, this coin has amassed a sizable following.

The May 2021 introduction of the EverRise token serves as another illustration. This token makes use of a “buyback and burn” method to maintain its value and protect investors from significant price fluctuations.


Unruggable tokens are a new kind of cryptocurrency that have increased market confidence. These tokens are a popular option for investors since they are made to be resilient to manipulation and rug pulls. Unruggable tokens are likely to become increasingly prevalent as the cryptocurrency market develops, giving investors a secure and reliable option to participate in this intriguing new asset class.

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