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The well-known journalist and media executive Joanna Geary has made a huge impact on journalism. She is in charge of managing the curation of Twitter’s Moments feature while she holds the position of Director of Curation at the company. Her most recent endeavours include starting the OneZero newspaper, which examines the relationship between technology and society.

This blog article will examine Joanna Geary’s connection with Twitter and the OneZero magazine.

Joanna Geary joined Twitter in 2018 as the Director of Curation, where she is in charge of making sure that the Moments feature on the platform highlights the most significant and intriguing material. Geary worked as a journalist and media executive for a number of companies before joining Twitter, including The Birmingham Post, The Times, and The Guardian.

Geary has contributed to the development of the OneZero periodical, which focuses on the meeting point of technology and society, in addition to her position at Twitter. OneZero is an online newspaper that discusses issues including social media, artificial intelligence, and the societal effects of technology.

OneZero’s founding was a crucial turning point for online media. The magazine has developed a reputation for publishing in-depth, high-quality stories that offer a distinctive viewpoint on how technology is affecting society. Geary’s engagement in the publication has been crucial to its success because her knowledge of the journalism industry has influenced the publication’s course.

One of OneZero’s main goals is to provide readers a better understanding of how technology affects society. OneZero intends to give readers a more nuanced view of the ways in which technology is transforming our world by addressing subjects like the effect of artificial intelligence on employment, the function of social media in influencing public opinion, and the ethics of data gathering.

Topic Information
Twitter Social media platform with over 300 million active users
Joanna Geary Director of Curation at Twitter, former journalist
OneZero Online publication focused on the intersection of tech
and society, launched in 2019
Topics Artificial intelligence, social media, data privacy, more
Mission Provide a nuanced understanding of the impact of tech
on society, through high-quality, in-depth articles

In conclusion

Joanna Geary’s involvement with the OneZero newspaper and her position at Twitter both significantly advance the discipline of journalism. Her in-depth knowledge of the subject has influenced both organisations’ strategies and helped to produce high-quality content that offers a distinctive viewpoint on how technology is affecting society.

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