The Best Days to Shop for Groceries and Save Money

Typically, grocery shopping is reserved for the weekends or the days when you suddenly remember that you’ve run out of an essential (e.g., food, water, toilet paper). But to save money, you must change that habit and start shopping on the best days. 

What Are The Best Days to Grocery Shop? 

The best days to shop for groceries are midweeks, such as Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. However, the optimal shopping day for most locations is Wednesday. These days, you save the most time and money and get the best deals and products

How Do You Save Money By Grocery Shopping on a Midweek 

Squeezing a grocery run during the midweek can be a hassle, but it’s worth the while because of the savings. Here’s how weekday groceries save you money:

  • Possible double discounts. Most stores launch their weekly deals on a Wednesday; even so, they’re likely to accept last week’s deals on that day, too. Thus, this leaves you with a broader selection of promos to make savings. However, some stores start their deals on another day, so it’s best to check first. 
  • Clearance sales. Many shops restock and clear aisles during midweek. Before then, they would offer clearance sales or promos you can use. Similar deals are also prevalent after holidays, so those are other great days for grocery shopping. 
  • Better price comparisons. During midweek, shelves are fully stocked, and lines are short. Thus, when browsing aisles, you have more options and time to compare prices more effectively. 

Other Benefits of Grocery Shopping on a Midweek 

Besides the money you save, here are other benefits of midweek grocery shopping:

  • Save time. Most people shop on weekends, so with midweeks having fewer customers, you’re unlikely to get stuck in the aisle or line. Also, time is gold, so the less time you waste, the more money you save. 
  • New stock. Many stores restock during the midweek, so if you go there at the best day and time, you get the freshest and best quality products. No better way to get your money’s worth!

What Is The Best Day to Grocery Shop on the Weekend?

If your schedule doesn’t allow for a quick, midweek grocery shopping, there is an alternative. The best day to go grocery shopping on the weekend is Saturday morning. People tend to sleep in during that time; thus, you can take advantage of less competition and also make use of weekly ads if you are going to shop at the Harris Teeter. 

What Is The Best Time to Grocery Shop?

You save even more money when you know that the best time to grocery shop is during the mornings. At that time, shelves have been replenished with new and better stock; thus, you get your money’s worth, especially with fresh meats and produce. Moreover, fewer people shop in the morning, saving more time (and money)! 

But if you must shop late, like at night, watch out for clearance sales. Bakeries and other fresh product shops usually drop prices at night to entice the day’s last customers to buy their items. 


Grocery shopping on a midweek is unconventional but practical. It saves you time and money as there’s less competition, and you’re usually entitled to more deals. Moreover, you get first picks on new stock, ensuring you get the freshest and best quality products.