Most Expensive Areas To Live In Hawaii

If you are one of those people who believes in working hard and partying harder than you are at the right place. Living your life in luxury is something that every person dreams of and finding luxury while vacationing is something that is hard to come across. 


Real estate agencies like Weaver Real Estate have a collection of some of the best rental properties located in the most expensive places in Hawaii. A lot of people are visiting these places in Hawaii to enjoy first-class hospitality and the posh neighborhood bringing their dreams to come true. 


If you want to spend a vacation or settle down in a luxurious neighborhood in Hawaii this article is for you as we will look at the top most expensive properties to live in Hawaii. 

List Of The Most Expensive Properties In Hawaii:

The following are some of the best properties that can be availed by people who want to enjoy the best vacations of their lives, 

  1. Wailea – Having one of the highest household income rates this beautiful city is one of the most expensive places to be in Hawaii. There are high-end fashion brands and dining experiences available that are one of the best in the world. Also, the Maui international film festival takes place here leading to its worldwide popularity. 
  2. Haiku Pauwela – The scenic beauty of this place is hard to beat as there are regular rainfalls here making the weather cool and tropical all around the year. There is also a lot of forest and wildlife which is a major attraction for tourists. It gives similar feelings to that of living in the countryside with luxurious amenities that are provided by the hotels and resorts there. 
  3. Urban Honolulu – It is one of the best places to settle in however things here come at a very high price so it is not for everyone. But for those who want to live a high-end lifestyle, urban Honolulu is a must-visit place. The transportation system is very well planned and all amenities are easily available within the neighborhood only. 
  4. Kula – Also located in the Maui region this is another expensive place which is on the volcanic slopes of the Haleakala Volcanic Mountain. Being at a higher altitude than the surrounding places the weather here is a little colder and more soothing. There are beautiful plantations, farms, and gardens overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean in the distance. 
  5. Laie – One of the safest places to stay in Hawaii. The indigenous people living here are deeply involved in taking care of the flora and believe in traditional practices. Staying here will let you catch a glimpse of their lives. 

When it comes to providing affordable holiday solutions, Weaver real estate is one such real estate company in Hawaii who are capable of providing rental services at many places. It helps you find the best stay in Hawaii, depending on your budget and requirements you can choose anyone. 


These were some of the most expensive areas that are suitable for vacations in Hawaii. There are a lot of things that can be done in these places and each is different from the other. Experts in the hospitality sector like Weaver Real Estate promise to provide the best hospitality services during your stay in Hawaii.