E-Hookah Buying Guide for Beginners

Many reasons prompt people to try e-cigarettes; peer influence, the need to quit smoking, health reasons, and numerous others. One of the options one has is the use of an e-hookah, an electric device resembling the traditional hookahs that you use to vape. Unlike a vape pen or vape pod, an e-hookah is a large but fancy device preferred for social vaping at home or in a bar.

They produce a large amount of vapor, and some could have more than one mouthpiece just like traditional hookahs. The fun part is that the tube leading to the mouthpiece is long to encourage users to sit around the device and enjoy vaping. 

You can buy this to enjoy with your friends whether you want to crossover from the traditional hookahs or just want to upgrade your vaping from simple vape pens. So, how do you go about buying this hookah e-vape?

Understand the E-Hookah You Want

Do you want a more complex e-hookah or a simple one? If you are looking for a shisha e-cig to use at home, then you can go for the simplest device on the market, probably with just one or two mouthpieces. But if you are looking for something to use at a social place like a bar, then go for a large device that will serve a few people at a go.

Again, you should know the e-hookah you prefer in terms of design, materials, and size of the vape juice tank and battery. However, we will look at these features in detail below. If you have not decided what you want, you should take time to research or consult people who have previously used these devices.

Know the E-Hookah Features and Accessories to Check

Just like any other e-cigarette, a vape electronic hookah comes with a variety of accessories. Whether you want to order a separate accessory or confirm if your device has everything, it is paramount that you know what you need. Fortunately, the ePuffer e hookah is reliable and comes loaded with all the required accessories that you need. All in all, confirm the following features when buying a device.

  • The chassis and the mouthpiece – This is the overall device form factor, which might be made of different materials such as metal, glass, or special PVC. The materials determine the cost as well, so choose carefully. They also determine the design of the hookah e-vape. It is worth noting that e-hookahs take different designs and do not necessarily resemble conventional shisha pots.
  • The tank – Generally, these devices have larger tanks, especially if one has a big form factor. You can choose the tank size you want depending on how you intend to use the device. For instance, large devices to be used for social purposes have large tanks.
  • The coil and atomizer – These are used for heating the vape liquid to produce vapor when the device is used.
  • The battery – Lastly, we have the battery that powers the e-hookah. Some devices are charged using a USB cable while others use disposable batteries.


Before you buy an e-hookah or shisha e, you should check these insights to make the right decisions. It is one of the best devices you can have if you want to enjoy vaping. So, get the best you can afford and use it appropriately.