Do you know all the variety of products offered by Smoking Paper?

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Smoking Paper is one of the most famous manufacturers of rolling paper.

It was founded in 1924 in Capellades, a town in Barcelona, and over time it has expanded its business to different countries.

Smoking Paper products have also been expanding and diversifying , with a progressive adaptation to consumer tastes and also to sustainability, which already has an important weight in any of them.

Let’s review the different products of the brand, which are many more than most consumers know, such as its cones, among others:

Smoking Paper rolling paper

The brand offers a wide range of rolling papers for all tastes, with the possibility of buying booklets with different quantities of leaves.

Something that characterizes the Smoking Paper rolling papers is the ultra-thin material offered in some models.

In addition, they are FSC certified, which means that they come from forests where Biodiversity is preserved and have 100% natural gum, free of colorants and other additives.

One of the most popular variants is the Brown range, which is unbleached and therefore requires less processing and it’s more environmentally friendly.

Smoking Paper cones

The cones are causing sensation. The brand has managed to elaborate a very interesting alternative to the classic tubes and traditional rolling paper.

They are XL cones that are completely ready to smoke, without the need to add filters. For this reason, they are one of the most convenient products that you will find in the market.

Besides, all the cones produced by Smoking Paper are characterized by a slow burning, so you will be able to enjoy longer and more puffs.

The varieties of Smoking Paper cones that are available currently are the following:

  • Deluxe KS Cones x3: with the brand’s ultra-thin, bleached paper, as well as the King Size format with which the tobacco is kept perfectly pressed.
  • Brown Giga Size Cone: this model combines the giant size with the unbleached Brown finish.
  • Brown KS Cones x3: a more sustainable version of the classic Smoking Paper cones, but with the same quality characteristics.
  • Brown 1 1/4 Cones x6: medium-sized cones, with ultra-thin unbleached paper, perfect for any smoker.
  • Deluxe KS Cones Bulk x1000: pack of 1,000 units oriented to specialized establishments, which includes the brand XL cones.

Smoking Paper tubes

The tubes are also very demanded by smokers, since they allow them to prepare cigarettes with the same format of the traditional ones and in a very fast and convenient way.

Smoking Paper currently has standard tubes of 8 mm in diameter and a length of 84 mm, and extra-long tubes that add a 24 mm filter. In addition, there are also different box formats of 100, 200 and 275 units.

As an alternative to these two modalities, there are also Menthol tubes for those who prefer that classic menthol finish.

Smoking Paper filters

As Smoking Paper’s range of rolling paper has grown, so has its catalog of filters, which fit perfectly with all the available options from the former.

The best choice? The paper+filters packs that allow you to have everything in one so that you have what you need when preparing your cigarettes.

All the brand’s accessories

Smoking Paper has historically marketed accessories that are as functional as they are attractives. Its cigar rolling machines are effective and very convenient to carry anywhere.

Besides, it also has cigarette cases and tobacco boxes with a very attractive and resistant metallic finish.

Smoking Paper style of clothing

In recent years, the brand has elaborated all kinds of clothing for its most loyal consumers.

Sweatshirts, t-shirts, socks, caps and even skateboards. All this in a clear urban style with all the personality of Smoking Paper and sustainable materials such as organic cotton.

The 420 section

Finally, Smoking Paper has also presented with great success its 420 section, in which it is possible to find ashtrays, grinders and rolling trays with exclusive designs, based on well known works of art or on psychedelic inspirations.

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