Cosmic values : Pet Simulator X Full List

Are you searching for a virtual game that gives you a pet with unlimited power? These pets will help you collect the cosmic values and are your perfect match. Basic to rare and legendary, there are pets of every nature that suit your style and requirements. You can train them and teach them tricks that will help you gain victory in your gaming adventures. Some of the characteristics of these pets are:

  • Pets in games provide combat support with increased damage output.
  • Aid in efficient resource collection, boosting coin and gem acquisition.
  • Enhance player mobility for easier exploration.
  • Tailored to assist in completing specific quests or challenges.

Let’s explore and understand the game more:

All Pets 

In Cosmic Values, pets offer more than mere companionship, blending practicality and emotional support. Among the foremost benefits is the capacity to bolster your cosmic value, a gauge of pet rarity and worth in Pet Simulator X. There are various pets, from Basic to Huge Evolved Pets, to choose and ace your game. Below is the list of which one can get their desired pets: 

  • Basic
  • Epic
  • Event
  • Exclusive
  • Legendary
  • Mythical 
  • Secret 
  • Rare

Yeet A Pet Update

In September 2023, the Yeet A Pet Update in Pet Simulator X unveiled the Yeet World. Players toss pets for distance, gather Yeet Orbs for the Yeet Upgrade Machine, and earn Yeet Coins for pet and egg acquisitions. Top throwers top the leaderboard, vying for exclusive rewards like the Huge Wild Fire Agony pet.

Latest Eggs

In Cosmic Values, eggs hatch new pets, obtainable through shop purchases, world discoveries, or rewards. Once acquired, eggs can be incubated in your incubator, with hatching times varying by egg type. Rarer eggs inherently carry a higher probability of hatching valuable pets, as the pet’s rarity is closely tied to the egg’s rarity. Eggs are a great way to get rare pets, but they cost money and time.

Latest gifts

Collecting the latest gifts in Cosmic Values serves various purposes: boosting Cosmic Value for in-game advantages, satisfying completionist goals, showcasing wealth, and offering enjoyment and challenge. These rare items hold value beyond the game, catering to different player motivations.

Is there any community of Cosmic Values pets?

Yes. There are many active communities online where players can trade pets, complete quests, and share tips. One of the most popular ones is the Cosmic Values Discord server, which has over 100,000 members. Other communities include:

  • Cosmic Values Reddit
  • Cosmic Values Facebook group
  • Cosmic Values Twitter
  • Cosmic Values YouTube

Numerous online communities are bustling with activity, providing players with opportunities to exchange pets, accomplish quests, and exchange gaming advice.

Which pet possesses the highest level of power, and what specific pet holds this distinction?

The strongest pet in Cosmic Values is the Cosmic Titan. It is a very rare and powerful pet that can only be obtained from the Cosmic Egg. The Cosmic Titan has the following abilities:

  • An exceptional damage output makes it one of the game’s most potent pets.
  • High survivability rating, it proves to be exceptionally challenging to defeat.
  • A range of special abilities – stunning enemies, creating protective shields around the player, and inflicting area damage on all nearby foes.

Here are some other powerful pets in Cosmic Values:

  • Galacticus
  • Nebula
  • Black Hole
  • Dark Matter
  • Cosmic Dragon

What are the best things to happen to me if I have pets?


Cosmic Value Advantages:

  • Possessing a pet with a high cosmic value is an asset that can be traded for other pets, items, or gems.
  • High-cosmic-value pets unlock competitive leaderboards where players can compete for unique rewards.

Combat Damage Boost:

Pivotal in augmenting combat capabilities and facilitating more effective enemy vanquishment.

Efficient Resource Gathering:

It contributes to efficient resource collection, including coins, gems, and various items, streamlining the player’s progression.

Quest and Challenge Assistance:

Certain pets possess unique abilities tailored to assist players in completing specific quests and challenges within the game.

Companionship and Amusement:

Because of their ability to be taught tricks, pets provide both company and amusement, easing feelings of isolation and enhancing the fun of playing video games.

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