Advantages of action camera head mount and ways to attach

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An attachment or strap called an action camera head mount enables you to strap an action camera to the top of your head so you won’t have to handle it while engaging in physical activity. One of the best and most popular ways to connect an action camera to yourself is using a head mount, which can be used in various situations. In this post, we’ll examine some of the advantages of an action camera head mount and its disadvantages.

Action camera head mount advantages.

Excellent Field of View: 

A head mount secures the action camera to your head, allowing you to see everything in front of you. This results in some good POV footage for the sport you participate in. By mounting the camera on your head rather than your chest or shoulders, you can avoid having your hands or other objects you may be carrying in front of you block the camera’s view.


The action camera head mount keeps it close to your body and off your shoulders and teeth, making it a safer option. Since the action camera is tightly placed on your head, you can free up your hands and concentrate on your sport without worrying about getting in the way. The ability to simultaneously accomplish two things will significantly boost your safety while trying to record your sports.

Suitable with Many of these Sports:

Most sports may not be ideal for a chest or shoulder mount. First, your hands could obstruct the bicycling footage by getting in the way. Other times, a chest or shoulder mount may feel restricting and limit your movement when participating in particular sports. An action camera head mount solves this problem because wearing one won’t interfere with your sporting activities, and they are compatible with practically any activity that requires a helmet. You must attach the action camera to your helmet rather than using a head strap mount.

Helmet Mount 

Since helmets are a must for most extreme sports, you can install your action camera on them and record some incredible POV footage without adding other equipment. The ability to move the camera in various ways to change its height is another benefit of the helmet mount. 

Action Camera Head Mount (Head Strap)

You can still gain from the same point of view if your activity doesn’t call for a helmet by wearing a head strap. To make your action camera head mount more secure and comfortable, you can purchase a head mount for action cameras with movable straps. You can quickly install your camera inside baseball hats if you have a by purchasing the Quick Clip and Head Strap. Before purchasing, make sure that these head mounts work with the action camera brand of your choice.

Action Camera Body Mount (Chest Mount Harness)

Another popular option for taking hands-free pov videos is the chest mount. The fact that it offers more steadiness than placing the action camera head mount is one of its benefits. Additionally, it goes well with the majority of sportswear. Because your hands or equipment can quickly block vision, it could be better for all sports and activities. Additionally, wearing a chest mount harness is more challenging or impossible if you’re participating in water sports that call for using a life jacket. The chest is, therefore, one of your body’s most stable regions, which will help to minimize unintentional camera movement, but a chest mount won’t provide you with the widest field of vision.

Action Camera Backpack Mount

You may view it from a chest or shoulder mount harness, based on where you connect it. Additionally, by mounting it to the backpack rather than the straps, you may action record what’s behind you or take a third-person perspective if you’re climbing with a partner. When you use a backpack attachment for your action camera, one tip for improving audio quality is to clip a microphone to the other shoulder strap so you may capture the audio separately.

Mask mount

Finding a body mount for your action camera can be challenging when you’re wearing specialized gear and carrying oxygen tanks on your back, among other things. A mask mount is perfect for carrying your action camera when diving or snorkeling. One of the most well-liked dive masks is the Octo-mask, which features a built-in mount and a distinctive frameless design.

Burst Mount

Your mouth receives a bite mount. To hold your action camera, you bite on it. It is frequently used when surfing. Sell it along with Floaty, an action camera case that floats. In recent years, bikers on YouTube who have to keep all these hands on their handlebars even while capturing an interesting point of view for their video footage have also utilized it for parachuting or skydiving. If you watch any Motor cross YouTubers, you’ve probably seen them using one of these peculiar camera mounts to hold the cameras in their mouths.

Mount a magnet

While riding, skiing, bicycling, or climbing, a magnetic action camera body mount, also known as a snap mount, is pleasant to wear. Although the SNAP Mount brand is excellent, several less expensive magnetic body mounts are available. Ensure that it is portable and that the magnets can sustain your action camera.

Mounts and Straps for the Hand and Wrist 

Some of the most popular action camera body mounts include hand and wrist straps and mounts. Some are floating and revolving, have changeable bands and have many other features. Hand and wrist straps are the ideal body mount to wear an action camera while participating in outdoor activities like bicycling, skydiving, and surfing.

Shackle Mount

Your hands and arms frequently interfere with your video footage when you attach action cameras to your chest to use the body mount mentioned above. This issue is resolved by mounting your camera to your shoulder. You can position your camera in any direction with the Stuntman 360 shoulder mount’s 360-degree ball joint design, which is changeable with a single thumb screw. Four mounting locations are available for the action camera: in front, above, behind, and under our shoulder.

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