4 of the Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Dedicating time from your busy schedule to work out in itself is a big step towards managing your weight.

All exercises will make you sweat, but different exercises help weight loss at different rates. Whenever people hear about weight loss, they think of crunches and planks for flat tummies.

However, losing weight will demand a lot more from you!

With much confusion stemming from all kinds of programs coming out, it becomes pretty hard to find something that works for you.

This post highlights four simple exercises that will help you shed pounds faster without the need for fancy stuff.

1.    Sprints

Just sprint! Whether it’s on a sidewalk, thread, or pitch.

Your body uses maximum energy from your glutes and hamstrings every time you sprint.

The WebMD article on Sprint Burpees highlights that sprinting promotes fat loss after exercising. This phenomenon called “afterburn” allows you to burn calories after exercising.

We, however, advise that you alternate between top speed and recovery periods to promote fat burning and build endurance.

Sprinting will also help you replace fats with muscles. Unlike weight training, which focuses on one part of the body, sprinting builds different muscles all at once.

It may not seem like much other than an easy way to go out of breath, but sprinting has value for less time than any other weight-loss exercise.

2.    Strength training

The first exercise named “best” for weight loss is cardio.

Cardio will increase your heart rate and burn calories, but it won’t work as fast as cardio-cum-strength training. Therefore, combining it with strength training for faster weight loss is better if you enjoy jogging or cycling.

You don’t need a gym to start strength training. Your own body can be your weight. Lifting your body will guarantee faster calories burned every day, replacing the fats with muscle.

Starting strength training with your body is less stressful. Start with:

  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Situps
  • Planks
  • Pullups


Try to keep your workouts smooth as you observe how your body responds. The best exercise trick is not to feel much pain, but instead balance things.

Start with six reps for each and progress from there. To build more muscle, you can consider adding extra weight to your body weight. Getting two 2.5-5kg dumbbells would be a good start. The more reps you do for those strength exercises, the leaner muscles develop, improving your metabolism, and fat loss speeds up.

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3.    Jumping Rope

Yes! Jumping rope never goes out of fashion in weight loss.

Jumping rope is probably the most underrated fast weight loss strategy. Skipping the rope right will help you build stamina, muscle strength, and quicker weight loss.

Now, there is excellent coordination between the core strength, posture, and calf strength whenever you jump the rope.

Jumping the rope should come naturally because it’s really straightforward. Basically, you just need to focus on your timing and flick-of-the-wrist. Once you can do it properly, increase your intensity for faster calorie burning.

If you’re not that fond of intense exercising, rope jumping should be at least something you can try as it’s simple and effective.

4.    Rowing Cardio

Rowing is a popular exercise meant to mimic the motion of rowing a boat by using one of many rowing machines, the most common of which is the flywheel rower.

Just like its name indicates, rowing mimics actual “boat rowing.” If you leave by a river, consider boat rowing, but a flywheel rower will do just fine besides the real thing.

A typical session can take at least 15 minutes to burn more calories than any other exercise that does not involve as many body muscles. You can divide the session into three parts, each taking 5 minutes.

  • Slow warmup
  • Moderate-intense rowing
  • Cool down

Apart from burning fats, the rower also builds muscle for different areas, including:

  • Arms
  • Glutes
  • Quads
  • Core
  • Hamstrings
  • Back

Like a cardio-strength combo, rowing engages the whole body accelerating calorie burn and toning muscles.


Everyone has their exercise preferences, but these four will guarantee faster calorie burn.

Also just as important is your diet and eating habits. Try cutting calories and watch your fat and processed sugar intake to avoid canceling the exercise progress.

If you’re cannabis, here’s the good news:

There are strains rich in THCV which encourage weight loss. Veriheal sheds more light on that.