Tips to License Renewal and Florida Contractor Continuing Education

Florida enacted statutes that require contractors to renew their licenses every two years. Before a contractor gets their license renewed, they have to undergo 14 hours of continuing education. The training should be gained via an online platform and also a class setting. At RocketCert we offer you extensive guidance in Florida Contractor Continuing Education.

We offer industry-leading content to ensure you are equipped for the exams and can deliver quality work in the marketplace. We have an extensive library of references that you can use in preparing for the exam. Our No pass No pay guarantee builds confidence in our training.

Continuing Education For Contractors in Florida

Rockcert is equipped with everything you need to satisfy the license renewal board. Our continuing education is aligned with the demands of the Florida Department of Professional Regulation and Business department. Every continuing education package we offer meets the demands of the board. While the number of hours and topics are set by the State of Florida, we customize the content to ensure you pass all the exams on the first attempt.

We strive to make the content as engaging as possible and applicable in the workplace. Rockcert is not only concerned with having your license renewed, but ensuring you have applicable knowledge. As such, we have been approved by the state of Florida to offer continuing education to contractors. For instance, Miami Dade County demands all contractors to gain an hour of continuing education covering chapter 10 of the Miami Dade Code. Besides, they should also get 1 hour on construction lien law and Florida State 713.

How to Renew a Florida Contractor License

A contractor’s license expires every two years in the State of Florida. For general contractors registered in Florida, their licenses expire on the 31st of August of all odd years. Certified general contractor’s licenses expire on the 31st of all even years. To renew such licenses, contractors are mandated to undergo 14 hours of continuing education and submit their request for renewal to the state.

At Rockcert, we offer continuing education both in written and narrated formats. We take pride in offering reliable and innovative customer care solutions by responding to all our customer questions timely. Besides, our pricing models are unbeatable and offer an assurance of offering a further 20% cut if you get a better deal. Thus, we can authoritatively say we are the masters of continuing education in the state of Florida.

Requirements For Continuing Education in Florida

  • 8 hours of general topics
  • 1 hour’s training on workers’ compensation
  • Workplace safety training 1 hour
  • General rules and laws for 1 hour
  • Advanced module 1 hour
  • Wind mitigation practices 1 hour
  • Business practices 1 hour
  • Florida statute 713 and construction lien law 1 hour

We are the best partners you can get on your journey to license renewal. You will not only have the best education, but you will have access to leading technology in the industry. Our 24/7 availability gives you the freedom to access the training materials any time of the day and ensures you do not miss your license renewal deadlines.