Yelp adds searchable eco-friendly business attributes 

In addition to being highlighted in Yelp’s search results, the new sustainability attributes will appear on Yelp business pages.

Yelp today announced a new addition to its platform: searchable, eco-friendly business attributes. It is free for businesses to add these attributes. 

Yelp’s new attributes. There are five new eco-friendly attributes: 

  • “EV charging station available”
  • “Plastic-free packaging” 
  • “Provides reusable tableware” 
  • “Bring your own container allowed” 
  • “Compostable containers available.” 

Yelp has combined these five new attributes with a pair of existing ones – “Bike parking” and “Vegan” – that let businesses highlight all of their eco-friendly options.

Where the attributes can be seen. Yelp said that the attributes will appear on business pages under the Amenities and more section on the web. On Yelp’s app, the attributes will appear in the Info section. Yelp will also highlight the attributes for business listings in search results. 

What it looks like. Here’s a screenshot from Yelp of the new attributes as they appear under the Amenities and more section, with a simple Yes or No designation:

And here’s what they look like if a user searched for [eco-friendly restaurants]:

How to add the attributes. You can add these attributes by logging into your Yelp for Business account and editing the Business Information section. Yelp will also ask consumers to help with the attributes via Update the community questions on Yelp business pages.

Why we care. If your business or company offers eco-friendly options, this is a good way to highlight that on your Yelp business page. It’s also good for users to quickly see it in Yelp’s search results. Any way to make your business stand out can potentially help drive traffic and sales. So if you use Yelp and offer these eco-friendly options for customers, make sure to make use of these new attributes.

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