Which CCNP Enterprise Specialty Exam Should You Take?

So, you are thinking to make your career in networking. The Cisco 350-401 is the right option for you. This CCNP certification is ideal for the majority of the people who want to step in the bright future. For more information, you need to read this page. It is a reliable name in the industry. This exam is designed. It consists of 80 multiple choice questions and the duration of the exam is 120 minutes. Candidates need to gain 77% for passing the exam. 

Exam Topics

1. Data Segmentation and Security 

  • Create and configure settings via Configuration Profiles
  • Create, assign, and manage content elements using SmartOrg
  • Explain the impact of user groups
  • Explain the impact of user types
  • Explain data segmentation via SmartOrg

2. Recruiting Process Configuration 

  • Configure List Formats and Context
  • Implement and contextualize Advanced Search
  • Implement and contextualize Correspondence
  • Implement and contextualize the Candidate Selection Workflow
  • Define the Candidate Selection Workflow

3. Foundation Data-Fields Files and Froms

  • Configure Candidate and Requisition Forms, and Files for Mobile
  • Create and contextualize User Defined Fields
  • Create Candidate and Requisition Forms and Files
  • Explain the relationship between Fields, Files, and Forms

4. Career Section Configuration

  • Set up the Career Section for Mobile
  • Design Internal, External, and Agency Career Portals
  • Configure Application Flow Elements
  • Describe Application Flows, Career Sections, and User Defined Forms

5. Prescreening and Screening 

6. OnBoarding (Transitions)


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