What You Need for Your Remote Office

You’re ditching the corporate office and leaving your cubicle behind. You’re officially transitioning into full-time remote work

That’s exciting! Remote work comes with plenty of perks — you can save on commuting; you can save on pet care and you can complete most tasks while wearing your pajamas. To get the most out of your remote work setup, you’ll need to get these five things.

1. An Office Space

So many remote workers try to settle for a dining room table, kitchen counter or couch as their official home office. This is not a good idea. You need to separate your personal space from your workspace. Otherwise, it will be too easy to drift into distractions during your workday, and it will be too difficult to relax once you clock out. 

If you don’t have a large room to convert into a private office, see whether you can build a closet office for yourself. This will be a compact, dedicated space for you to work in. 

2. A Strong Internet Connection

Of course, you will need to access a strong internet connection to complete your remote work. A spotty or weak connection will make it difficult to participate in virtual team meetings, contact coworkers or conduct the rest of your responsibilities throughout the day. You’ll want to make sure your service can support your workload without trouble. 

3. An Emergency Fund

An emergency fund can help you get through tech mishaps that will put your workday on hold, like when your smartphone stops working or when you accidentally spill coffee on your computer keyboard. With your emergency fund, you can rush to the repair shop and fix those issues right away so that you can get back to work.

What if you don’t have enough savings? If you don’t have enough savings in your fund, you could use an alternative payment method like an online loan. When you search for online loans, search for options that are specifically available in your state. So, if you live in Arkansas, you’ll want to search for online loans in Arkansas to cover your emergency repair. This small step will speed up your search and make your application process a lot easier.

4. An Ergonomic Desk Setup

An ergonomic desk setup is essential for maintaining good posture and combatting chronic pain problems. You won’t spend half of your workday rubbing your sore neck or wincing when you stand up out of your chair. 

What are some tips for getting a good ergonomic setup?

  • Invest in a top-quality office chair. 
  • Get a foot stool if your feet aren’t flat on the floor while sitting.
  • Get a lumbar pillow if you experience frequent low back pain.
  • Get a laptop stand to raise your device closer to eye level. You should be looking straight ahead at your monitor, not down. 
  • If you experience wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome, you should get cushions for your wrists. Place them in front of your keyboard and your computer mouse.

5. Website Blockers

Are you worried that you’ll get distracted when working remotely? There are apps that can help you with that. Download website blocking apps like Cold Turkey, FocusMe or Freedom. These apps are designed to stop you from browsing online distractions like social media sites when you should be tackling your to-do list

Get these essentials for your remote office. They’ll make work from home a breeze.