What Are Gift Boxes And Their Different Types?

Gift boxes are famous for giving a unique look to your products. There are multiple options available for the customization of these boxes. Companies love using this packaging because they can customize it according to their requirement. High-quality printing options are available for these boxes to print exciting sales and promotional offers. This packaging is also eco-friendly and helps brands leave a positive impression on customers. These boxes are available on many online marketplaces at affordable prices. If you want to make your products superior to the rest, you can use this packaging. Following are the different types of these boxes available in the market. 

Gift Boxes With A Die-Cut Window Design

Gift boxes wholesale are a suitable option for businesses with a limited budget. The most popular type of this packaging is a die-cut window design. The presence of these designs allows transparency and honesty on behalf of the brand. When customers purchase gifts, they want to make sure that they buy the right one. No one likes to spend money on packaging that is not worth it. The presence of this die-cut window will help you achieve this purpose. If you are selling gift items, they will be impressed to see the quality of products in these boxes. It is a great marketing tactic to use this design for your products. Most companies use this design to beat their competitors in the market. You can also add the die-cut addition anywhere on the packaging. 

Addition Of Handles

Gift packaging with handles is a popular type of these boxes. Manufacturers are aware that customers always notice the quality of the packaging design. This is why they use handles on these boxes. These handles let you easily carry the boxes. This type of the boxes also helps a lot inefficiently shipping the products. When handling products from the manufacturing unit to the storage houses, they are vulnerable to many factors. When handles are present on the boxes, it becomes easier for the workers to carry them. These handles are made of cardboard, and they hold great strength.  

Customized Sizes Of Gift Boxes 

These boxes are also available in distinctive sizes and can help improve your products’ shelf impact. This packaging is highly flexible, and you can easily cut these boxes into different shapes. The custom sizes of the boxes are dependent on the size of the products. When gift items are presented in unique packaging, customers are compelled to buy these products. Customers don’t want to buy products that are present in primary packaging. The monotony of the packaging can be changed by using this packaging. Great sizes of these boxes also grab the attention of customers. 

Packages With Custom Inserts

Another type of these packages is with the addition of custom inserts. These boxes are best for keeping your products safe. The use of custom inserts is also beneficial for maintaining the integrity of the products during shipping. Many products such as jewelry and antiques need packaging that does not let anything happen to their properties. They need to be present in a separate compartment from others. When you use these boxes with custom inserts, you will be free from this stress. For the packaging of edible products sent as gifts, these boxes are a priority of companies.  

Embossing Of Boxes 

The appearance of packages matters a lot when it comes to the marketing and promotion of the products. Manufacturers know this, and they use high-quality finishing techniques on these boxes. When customers see packaging with beautiful embossing patterns, they become interested in buying your products. Embossing also increases the overall luxury of the packages. You can draw beautiful designs according to the type of products on these boxes. This will enhance the glow of the boxes, and customers will be attracted to the creativity that you are offering. 

Flip-Top Closure Design 

Last but not least, another type of gift package is that one with the flip-top closure design. This design helps in stopping harmful particles from entering the products. Customers don’t want to buy products that are not of good quality. A flip-top closure design will ensure that products are away from heat and dust particles. Customers also love the facilitating design of these boxes. These boxes will also help you gain maximum sales when present on the shelves. 

Gift boxes are famous in the market because of various designs. There are multiple ways to use these boxes for your products. You can use these boxes with a die-cut window packaging design to impress your customers. The addition of handles is also helpful for making it easy for the customers to handle the packaging. There are unique and distinctive sizes available for these packages. Embossed boxes have also gained a lot of attention.