Understanding Different Haircut Numbers

When most people visit their favorite barber and ask them about their haircut numbers, it gets most people confused. A haircut number is associated with the length of hair; every number represents an eight-inch-long hair. As the length of hair increases, so does the haircut numbers.

Knowing what your haircut numbers are will help you get the exact final look you are looking for, especially in terms of the length of hair to be left after getting a haircut. The following are different haircut numbers that will help you understand what haircut number you prefer every time you visit the barber.

  • Number 0 Haircut 

This haircut number means that no hair is left on the scalp. In short, it means going bald. There is no guard left on the clippers when doing the haircut.

This is the haircut number that you are looking for if you want to become bald.  Going bald is one of the men’s haircuts that signifies a lot of masculinity.

Number 0 haircut is the lowest number. However, there are clipper gradations between 0 and 1, such as 0.5. If your haircut number is zero and you are not willing to change it you should be ready for regular visits to the barber because any slight hair growth needs maintenance.

  • Number 1 Haircut

With number one haircut numbers, the length of hair left on the scalp is an eighth of an inch long. The haircut is like halfway going bald because only a very thin layer of hair is showing on the scalp.

This is the best choice of haircut number if you do not want to go bald but want to shave all the hair.

Haircut Numbers



  • Number 2 Haircut

With number 2 haircuts, the hair left on the scalp is relatively long compared to the one from the number 1 haircut. With number 2 haircuts, it is possible to style the hair left into popular styles such as the buzz or the crew cut.

This type of haircut is the best choice for a summer haircut because it helps keep the scalp cool and not too exposed to direct sunlight. If your hair is curly or thin, it will be your best choice.

Maintaining the number 2 haircut is very easy because it does not require much time to style as it is with long hair, and also, it will not require you to regularly visit the barber as it is with number 1 and 2 haircut numbers.

  • Number 3 Haircut

The hair left on the scalp with this haircut number is relatively long. The haircut number leaves a length of three eight of an inch hair on the scalp.

It is the highest number that can be used to cut a fade. Number 3 haircut might not allow you to style it so much, but it can be used for fads in short hairstyles such as crew and a buzz cut.

The most convenient reason men choose this haircut number is that it is easy to maintain, and they will be left with some hair on their scalp.

Unlike the previous haircut numbers, number three haircut number does not expose your scalp, so it is a good choice if you don’t like to show the shape of your scalp or you have stubborn marks on the scalp.

It is the most appropriate haircut number if your hair is either thick or thin and straight and can be worn in casual and formal clothes.

Number 3 Haircut



  • Number 4 Haircut

With this haircut number, the hair left on the scalp is approximately half an inch. According to MensHaircuts, the hair length left is considered suitable for most preservative hairstyles.

It is the first in haircut numbers that allows both short and long hairstyles. You can part the hair into the designs of your choice to fit your personality.

If your face is round, number 4 haircut going down to other higher haircut numbers are the best option for you because they bring an illusion of a thinner face.

  • Number 5 Haircut

The length of hair left on the scalp is around half an inch. It is one of the high haircut numbers that will allow you to style your hair into the design of your choice.