Tips to Protect Your Car from The Weather in the UAE

How often do you get into a heated argument with your spouse or partner over who has the better car? Or maybe you’re constantly arguing over whose turn it is to clean the house? If you’ve ever had these arguments, then you already know how stressful they can be.

The UAE is home to some of the most luxurious cars in the world. And since Dubai is known for its high temperatures, it makes sense that car owners would want to protect their vehicles from the harsh rays of the sun.

If you are looking for tips on how to protect your vehicle from sunlight and other climate factors in the UAE and keep the estimate value of your car without big change, check below tips:

  1. Choose a shade

There are many different types of vehicles but each one may have very specific requirements regarding where they want to sit. It should always be considered if you are choosing out of necessity. The type of vehicle you have will determine what kind of shade you need to protect it from the hot weather. You might want to consider purchasing a car sunshade as an option. Sunshades come in many shapes and sizes so there is something available for every car type.A good quality sunshade, especially one that covers the entire windshield, will ensure protection from harmful UV rays.

  1. Keep windows closed

The easiest way to prevent wind from cooling off your interior is by keeping your window open. Air conditioning isn’t particularly effective when temperature outside exceeds 30°C. So make sure that you keep your windows up when it’s not necessary. This means that air flows freely through the car while the air-con is working. Also, when driving at night, make sure that you use your headlights so that other drivers don’t have trouble seeing you.

  1. Use a hood

Some vehicles have a roof vent that opens up in order to let excess heat escape. In this situation, a simple fan won’t be enough to cool down your inside cabin. Instead, install a small hood on your vehicle. These hoods have vents which allow air to flow through them. They also serve another purpose; people tend to hang laundry on them during summer time. These are great because they act like a mini-air conditioner and help you stay cooler throughout the day.

  1. Install a fog lamp

Fog lamps create a nice effect by creating a layer of mist around your vehicle. It acts just like a real cloud formation to give you and others a feeling of freshness. Fog lights come in various colors, shapes, designs and styles. However, you should avoid installing any type of light that shines directly onto the front of your car. Such headlights increase your chances of getting pulled over by police because they draw attention away from your license plate.

  1. Invest in automatic car cover

An automatic car cover protects your vehicle from the sun, rain, snow, dust, dirt, debris etc. But it doesn’t require much maintenance. It only requires that you clean it every month. Automatic car covers are usually made from polyester or cotton material. They provide ample protection against the elements but aren’t extremely comfortable.

  1. Consider tinting your vehicle

Tinted glass helps reduce glare and reflect more sunlight back towards the sky. Tinted glass is a lot easier than using a sunscreen to protect yourself from the heat. Plus, tinted glasses look better than regular ones too. If you live in Dubai, ask your mechanic about a custom-made windshield. There are quite a few companies offering such services. When it comes to tinted windows, some cars have the ability to turn their windshield into tinted glass. Others, however, do not. Either way, a windshield tumbler works almost perfectly.

Author bio:

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