Know about 25th Island Of Greece

Greece is perhaps the best country on the planet that you really want to visit assuming you intend to take a visit or an off, yet before you do that or book something for yourself and the individual that is going with you, attempt to do some examination so you can appropriately know what this nation brings to the table, especially the 25th island of Greece.

To assist you with being familiar with the islands of Greece, especially the 25th island, alongside what the nation brings to the table, we have made a blog that can permit you to know what you could do in the country appropriately.

Beneath in this blog, we have recorded everything that you want to be aware of the islands in Greece, especially the 25th Island of Greece. Kindly note that this is an enlightening article; if any of the data that we have recorded beneath is off-base or should be refreshed, kindly let us know so we can restore it immediately!

Which Island Is Amorgos In Greece?

Amorgos Island in Greece is, as of now, one of the most well-known islands in the country. It is the 25th island with regards to estimate. It became popular on the web because of the novel name that it has, which looks like the renowned game named Among Us. other than that, there isn’t a lot of significant intrigue about this island.

What Is The Name Of The 25th Island Of Greece?

The name of the 25th island of Greece is Amorgos.

Why Is The 25th Island Of Greece Famous?

Amorgos island, which is the 25th island of Greece, became a web sensation because of its uncommon name, which looks like the renowned game Among Us, an extremely well-known game that we can play on our PC and telephone.

Could We at any point Visit The 25th Island Of Greece?

Indeed, you can remain on the 25th island of Greece.

Kindly remember that the “Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades island bunch and the closest island to the adjoining Dodecanese island bunch in Greece.”

It is thought to be probably the best island for the travel industry in the country. So to visit it with your cherished one or alone, you can do such!

Is It Safe To Visit The Amorgos Islands?

Indeed, visiting the Amorgos Islands is 100% safe. You can do the five things that we recorded above and partake in your wonderful stay on the island with individuals that you love.

By and large, it is alright for anybody to visit the spot. Ensure that you are entirely inoculated when you visit the site.

Populace Of The Amorgos Islands

Here is the aggregate sum of the populace in the Amorgos Islands:

Year Village population Municipality population
1981 353 No information available as of this moment
1991 330 1,632
2001 398 1,859
2011 397 1,973


Kindly note that the following statistics will be delivered for the current year. When the public authority of Greece provides the authority information for the number of inhabitants in the Amorgos Islands, we will refresh this article immediately!

5 Things You Need To Do When Visiting The Amorgos Island In Greece

Here is a portion of the numerous things that you ought to attempt to do when you are visiting the Amorgos Island in Greece:

  • Katapola

The primary spot you need to visit is Katapola, a little port town on the Greek island of Amorgos. By visiting this town, you can have an appropriate outline on what to do while visiting the spot and you can get to know local people. Not just that, you can have a legitimate outline of what’s going on with the historical backdrop of the spot.

  • Aegiali

The second spot you need to go to is Aegiali, a little town on the Greek island of Amorgos.

  • Chora

One more region you need to visit is the Chora town on the Amorgos island in Greece. Chora is likewise the ancient capital of Amorgos.

  • Climbing in Amorgos

Climbing is probably everything you can manage, assuming you are visiting Amorgos island in Greece, considering that it has the absolute best climbing trails in the country. Assuming you are into it, you can venture out to Chora thinking that it is the ancient capital of the island and it is situated in a raised region.

  • Boat trip around Amorgos

The keep going one on our rundown is to go on a boat trip around Amorgos island. It would help if you recollected that Greece is thought of as by a larger number of people as perhaps the best put on our planet to visit assuming you are into boat trips.

Complete List Of Islands Of Greece (Arranged By Size)

Here is the finished list of the Islands of Greece:

Here is the complete list of the Islands of Greece: 

Island Greek name Area (miles2) Area (km2) Cluster
Crete Κρήτη 3,219 8,336 Cretan
Evia Εύβοια 1,417 3,670 Euboean
Lesbos Λέσβος 630 1,633 North Aegean Islands
Rhodes Ρόδος 541 1,401 Dodecanese
Chíos Χίος 325 842.3 North Aegean Islands
Cephalonia Κεφαλονιά 302 781 Ionian Islands
Corfu Κέρκυρα 229 592.9 Ionian Islands
Lemnos Λήμνος 184 477.6 North Aegean Islands
Samos Σάμος 184 477.4 North Aegean Islands
Naxos Νάξος 166 429.8 Cyclades
Zakynthos Ζάκυνθος 157 406 Ionian Islands
Thassos Θάσου 147 380.1 North Aegean Islands
Andros Άνδρου 147 380.0 Cyclades
Lefkada Λευκάδα 117 303 Ionian Islands
Karpathos Κάρπαθος 116 300 Dodecanese
Kos Κως 112 290.3 Dodecanese
Kythira Κύθηρα 108 279.6 Ionian Islands
Icaria Ικαρία 99 255 North Aegean Islands
Skyros Σκύρος 81 209 Sporades
Paros Πάρος 75 195 Cyclades
Tinos Τήνος 75 194 Cyclades
Samothrace Σαμοθράκη 69 178 North Aegean Islands
Milos Μήλος 58 151 Cyclades
Kea Κέα 51 132 Cyclades
Amorgos Αμοργός 47 121 Cyclades
Kalymnos Κάλυμνος 42.5 110 Dodecanese
Ios Ίος 41.7 108 Cyclades
Kythnos Κύθνος 38.4 99.4 Cyclades
Astypalaia Αστυπάλαια 37.2 96.4 Dodecanese
Ithaca Ιθάκης 37.1 96.2 Ionian Islands
Salamis Σαλαμίνα 37.1 96.2 Argo-Saronic


Please do keep in mind that these are just some of the many and the most known islands in Greece. In case any of the information that we listed above about them is wrong or needs to get updated, please do let us know so we can update this article right away! 


We would like to clear it out that we are not affiliated with Greece and the 25th island of Greece in any sort of way. The main goal of this article is to allow internet users across the globe to know what the 25th island of Greece is and what it has to offer. In case any of the information that we listed above is wrong or needs to be updated, please do let us know so we can update this article right away! 

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