MS Sethi – Instagram, Wikipedia, Biography, Videos, And Net Worth

If you use Instagram, you’ve probably seen MS Sethi and her steamy videos, and if you have not, then you want to check out her profile, particularly if you are a person who loves following fitness-related social media icons.

The thing with MS Sethi is that she is extremely attractive and is known for posting extremely sizzling videos and images or posts on her Instagram and other social media accounts, and those that find her do want to know her better.

So if you are one of the many people that want to know MS Sethi in a better way, you came to the right place because in this blog we are going to talk about Instagram, Wikipedia, Biography, Videos, and Net Worth. 

Who Is MS Sethi?

MS Sethi, whose real name is Shilpa Sethi, is an Indian model, actress, and social media celebrity that’s mostly known for her Instagram videos and posts. Right now, she has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and also runs her own OnlyFans page, where she gets most of her income from. She is also the woman who failed to sit down for 6 months because of a botched-up booty surgery that cost her around $10,000. She got the surgery in Miami, USA and it did not go well. 

Originally, MS Sethi is from New Delhi and is now living in a foreign country, which we believe is in Canada or America. If you want to follow her and watch the steamy videos that she posts, you can do so by subscribing to her OnlyFans account. 

MS Sethi Wikipedia And Biography 

Here are some of the most important information that you need to know about Shilpa Sethi:


Real Name of MS Sethi Shilpa Sethi 
Nickname of MS Sethi  MS Sethi, Shilpa, Sethi, MS and Botched Up Surgery
Famous As Social Media Influencer
Age of MS Sethi  28-years old
Birthday of MS Sethi  January 9, 1992
Birthplace of MS Sethi  United States
Birth Sign of MS Sethi  Capricorn
Nationality of MS Sethi  American
Ethnicity of MS Sethi  Mixed
Religion of MS Sethi  Christianity
Height of MS Sethi  5 ft 6 inches
Weight of MS Sethi  55 kilograms 
Eye Color of MS Sethi  Dark Brown
Hair Color of MS Sethi  Brown
Shoe Size of MS Sethi  6 (US)
Boyfriend No Information Available
Spouse No Information Available
Net Worth of MS Sethi  $500,000 to $1 million USD 

MS Sethi Instagram 

If you want to follow MS Sethi on Instagram, you can do so by simply visiting her account, which is at mssethii1.

On her Instagram account, you can find some of the most steamy images and videos that you can find. Remember, everything that you will find about her on the account is 100 percent free, which means that if you want to watch the good stuff, you would have to go and use or subscribe to her OnlyFans account. 

MS Sethi Adult Star

The thing with MS Sethi is that she is also on the verge of transforming and becoming an adult star considering that she runs her own OnlyFans page. So if you do want to watch some of the adult content that she has on the internet, you can do so by simply subscribing to her adult account or get the videos on websites that offer leaks. 

MS Sethi Net Worth 

Right now, MS Sethi has a net worth of around $500,000 to anywhere around $1 million USD. All of her income comes from the social media posts that she makes on the internet, and from the adult content that she posts on OnlyFans. She also does some ads for modeling agencies and gets paid to promote big brands on her social media accounts such as Instagram, Snapchat, twitter and even OnlyFans. 

MS Sethi Boyfriend 

Right now, MS Sethi does not have a boyfriend and is very secretive when it comes to such things despite being a very open person on the internet. In case we do get an update about who MS Sethi is dating right now, we would be updating this article right away. 

MS Sethi Birthday

The birthday of Shilpa Sethi is on January 9, 1992. This means that she is currently 30 years old and is going to become 31 by January of 2023. 

What’s The Real Name Of MS Sethi? 

MS Sethi’s real name is Shilpa Sethi. She is Indian and is currently living abroad. 

Is MS Sethi Indian? 

Yes, MS Sethi is Indian and in fact, her real name is Shilpa Sethi.


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