Modern Front Porch Columns – A Guide to Decorating Your Home’s Exterior!

The front porch of your home can become an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property. The right modern front porch columns and accessories can give your home a facelift, making it more welcoming and creating an ideal exterior aesthetic. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best modern front porch columns and accessories, as well as offering tips and tricks on how to best utilize them to create a visually appealing exterior.

Choosing the Right Porch Columns:

When it comes to selecting the right modern front porch columns for your home, there are several key elements to consider. 

  • First, it’s important to consider your home’s overall look and to select columns that will match in terms of design and material. While there are a variety of different materials to choose from, such as wood, metal, and stone, it’s important to select a material that will not only fit in with the existing aesthetics of your home, but also be durable and long-lasting.

  • The shape of the porch columns is also important to consider. The most common shapes are square, round, and rectangular, with each offering a different look. Depending on the style of your home, any of these shapes can be appropriate. However, square columns tend to be the most popular choice amongst modern homeowners, as they often go well with a contemporary aesthetic.

  • When selecting the right porch columns, it’s also important to take into consideration any surrounding features. If your porch is surrounded by a fence, for example, it may be wise to select columns that blend well with the fence’s design. Doing this will ensure that the overall look of the porch is cohesive and not thrown together.

Accessories for the Front Porch:

Once you’ve selected the perfect columns for your porch, you can begin to accessorize. There are a number of different accessories to choose from depending on your taste, design style, and budget. Some of the most popular accessories for a modern porch include planters, hanging lights, and furniture pieces.

  • Planters are a great way to add a touch of greenery to your porch, as well as making a statement. There are a variety of planters to choose from, ranging from traditional planters to modern-style planters. When selecting a planter, make sure to select a material that is both aesthetically pleasing and complementing the design of your home.

  • Hanging lights can also help to dress up your porch, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in the evenings. Hanging lights come in a variety of styles, such as traditional coach lights, hanging lanterns, and modern pendant lights. Make sure to select a light that complements the look of your porch columns and other home elements.

  • In addition to planters and lights, furniture pieces can also help to create an inviting outdoor space. There are a variety of furnishings that can be used outdoors, such as sofas, chairs, and benches. It’s important to select furniture pieces that are both suitable for outdoor use and able to withstand the elements.

  • Finally, it’s also important to consider the flooring of your porch. Making sure to seal your wood or stone floors is essential in protecting the floors from the elements. Furthermore, adding a decorative rug can add a pop of color and create a cozy atmosphere.


With the right modern front porch columns and accessories, you can create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing space that adds value to your home. When decorating your porch, it’s important to consider the look and design style of your home, as well as any surrounding features such as a fence. Furthermore, accessories such as planters, lights, furniture, and rugs can all be used to dress up your porch and create the perfect outdoor space.