History repeated after 90 years, the ‘Maharaja’ of Tata again

There is an old saying that history repeats itself and after almost 90 years, Tata Group has proved this saying that if the intentions are noble, then every dream becomes a reality. Tata Airlines was started by Jahangir Ratanji Tata (JRD) in 1932 from a mud house near Juhu, Mumbai with just two ships. But in the year 1953, the government took over it completely and then it was named – Air India Limited Company.


JRD Tata first flew an airplane in the year 1919 when he was only 15 years old. Then he took his pilot’s license. His hobby gave the country an airline 15 years before independence . Latest breaking news in Hindi But the first commercial flight he took on October 15 was when he brought the single-engined ‘Heavyland Puss Moth’ plane from Karachi to Mumbai via Ahmedabad.


But Ratan Tata had been dreaming for the last several years to regain the ownership of Air India, which was constantly in loss and heavily indebted. latest international breaking news in Hindi For this, he got the ‘Maharaja’ of the aviation sector back by making the highest bid of Rs 18,000 crore. It is being considered as a unique and historical event not only in India but in the aviation sector of the world.


How could Ratan Tata forget JRD on the occasion of achieving this feat. Welcoming Air India’s ‘Ghar Wapsi’, he said, “Tata Group winning the Air India bid is great news. We will have to put in a lot of effort to get Air India back up again. Emotionally speaking, JRD Tata Under his leadership, Air India had once achieved the status of one of the most prestigious airlines in the world.  Latest bollywood breaking news in hindi The Tata group has got an opportunity to regain the prestige and respect that Air India had in its early years. JRD If Tata was among us, he would have been very happy.” Along with this message, Ratan Tata has also shared a picture in which JRD Tata is seen disembarking from the Air India plane and behind him is the flight crew.


With the first dawn of the year 2022, the ‘Maharaja’ of the sky will be in the hands of Tata as the disinvestment process will be completed by next December. It is worth mentioning that seven companies had shown interest to buy Air India. In the race to buy Air India, Tata Sons defeated the promoter of SpiceJet. As a cost, Tata Sons will take on Air India’s debt of Rs 15,300 crore, and will pay the rest in cash. At present, the Tata group holds 51% stake in aviation giant Vistara (Singapore Airlines holds 49% stake in it) and 84% in Air Asia Ltd.


However, there is still a apprehension in the minds of the people whether Tata will be able to lift Air India off the road and make it the shining star of the sky again? In response to this, Harsh Vardhan, an expert in the aviation sector, says, “Tata knows that it will take five to seven years to bring it back on track and it also has so much capacity. I think the government has it.” Giving it to Tata was the best option because it had become a compulsion of the government. Anyway, if it has to sell the company, it can do it anytime.”


There is also a question that even today, Air India, which is in debt of thousands of crores, has such a specialty that everyone wanted to buy it. So the answer is found in this mythological saying that even a dead elephant is worth 1.25 lakhs. However, the condition of Air India is not going to die like that even today. Despite running in losses, Air India has assets worth thousands of crores. It has its own slot at Heathrow Airport in London. There is a fleet of about 140 aircraft, which have state-of-the-art technology and facilities, along with an experienced staff of thousands of trained pilots and crew. slots and there will be 900 slots abroad. Apart from this, Air India has real estate worth millions of dollars. According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, it was valued at $ 6 billion in the month of March last year.


Another interesting fact is that Air India has a collection of 40,000 works of art, including an ashtray gifted by Spanish artist Salvador Dali. If their price is estimated in the international market, then they will be in several million dollars. Anyway, India’s aviation sector is growing at an annual rate of 20 percent. Analysts say that the full potential of the Indian market is yet to be tapped. So Air India has immense potential for the Tata group.


The Tata surname is said to have come from the Gujarati word ‘tamta’ or ‘teekha’, which means spicy or very angry. It is said that in fact most of the people who have held the highest positions of the Tata family have been famous for their anger. But it is also true that behind that anger lies the desire to fulfill a dream. The other aspect of this is that despite touching the pinnacle of prosperity, Tatas are known for their decency and simplicity.


Actually, it also has an interesting anecdote. JRD Tata was awarded India’s highest civilian honor Bharat Ratna and France’s highest civilian honor ‘Legion of Honour’. When Ratan Tata informed him that he had been selected for the Bharat Ratna, JRD’s quick remark was, “Oh my God! Why me? Can’t we do anything to stop it? It is true that I have done some good work. Civil aviation has been given to the country. Its industrial production has increased. But so what? Anyone would have done this for their country.