Frequently Question Ask to Hire Commercial Product Photography

78 percent of internet customers want to see things that are brought to life by pictures. On the other hand, retailers aren’t delivering. Additionally, three-quarters of buyers want more photographs – at the very least three.

You could do it yourself, but low-quality images may do more harm to your business than no shots at all. That’s why, in order to sell more products, many online shops use e-commerce product photography services to create high-quality photographs.

It’s not cheap to hire a freelance photographer. A competent, professional product photographer can cost thousands of dollars depending on where you do business. That’s why it’s crucial to hire the proper person so you can be confident in your investment — and have images that will help you make money.

The majority of your screening should be spent looking over portfolios and testimonials from possible photographers. However, you can ask yourself a few questions to help you make the best decision. Have a look!

1. What Type of Equipment Do You Use?

A hired photographer should be equipped to complete the task and get the images you require. You obviously want a photographer who has a high-quality lens and camera, but they should also have other equipment.

You’ll need more than just a camera; you’ll also need a photographer who can handle props, lighting, and photo staging. You may also determine which stuff you’ll need to include on your to-do list once you know eCommerce product photoshoot capabilities.

2. Where Can I See Your Portfolio?

Always ask to see a portfolio from any possible photographer if you haven’t previously. If they can’t show you previous work, you should probably search elsewhere.

Consider whether their aesthetic complements your brand and if they have experience in your industry while reviewing their portfolio. Choose a couple of your favorite product photoshoots for eCommerce photographs to use as samples of what you’re searching for and why.

3. What is Turnaround Time?

Some photographers can offer unedited photographs immediately away, allowing you to share a sneak peek on social media. Others demand that original and altered files be sent within a certain length of time after the shoot.

You’ll need someone who can produce your images swiftly if you’re on a tight schedule. Even if time isn’t a key priority, it’s still necessary so that other projects can be scheduled around the images.

4. What Are The Rights to Photos?

The photo usage rights are determined by the license, or agreement, between you and your photographer. Photographers usually own the copyright to their work, but as the paying customer, you have the right to use the images in the ways you want.

Be aware of the methods and channels in which you intend to use the images so that you may inform the photographer. Photographers also utilize this information when calculating the price. The agreement must, at the end of the day, safeguard and gratify both sides.

5. What do You Need From Me?

The goal of this question is to get your relationship off to a good start. While the answer may not reveal much, it can assist in the development of a positive rapport with commercial product photography. And if there’s a solid working connection, the outcomes will almost certainly be better.

In The Bottom Line

Finally, it’s critical that the photographer asks you the correct questions in order to fully comprehend your requirements. You can use that information, as well as their portfolio and recommendations, to compare your top choices if the commercial product photographer is devoted to achieving your goals.