Fanny Hensel – Age, Biography, Wiki, Music, Songs, Net Worth, And Facts

Music is considered by many as the food of our souls, which makes musicians sort of like Gods, particularly Fanny Hensel, who is considered by many as one of the greatest musicians and composers that have ever stepped on our planet, but the thing is, not many people know about them, which is why we will be talking about them.

In this article, we have listed down some of the most important information that you need to know about Fanny Hensel. From her age, biography, wiki, music, songs, net worth and facts that you never knew about her, we have listed all of them in this article so you can know her in a better way! 

Fanny Hensel Biography 

Fanny Mendelssohn, who is also known as Fanny Hensel or Fanny Cacilie Mendelssohn Bartholdy, was born on November 14, 1805 and passed away on May 14, 1847, in Berlin Prussia. She was a very famous German Pianist and Composer. She is also the eldest sister and confidante of Felix Mendelssohn, a known composer. 

It is believed that Fanny Hensel is just as talented as her more famous brother. The children learned how to play music from the same teacher. After their careers, Felix, the brother of Fanny, said that his sister managed to play the piano better than him. He also said back then that Fanny remained his chief musical adviser until he left home.

Other than her music career, Fanny had a personal life too.

Fanny married Whilhem Hensel in 1829. Hensel was a Prussian court painter. She traveled in Italy with her husband in 1839 and 1840. When her dear mother passed away in the year 1842, she took over the direction of the Mendelssohn family home in Berlin.

While staying at her family home, she organized local concerts and was one of the pianists that appeared in the concerts. The best thing about her is that she wrote around 500 musical compositions, in which 120 are for piano. 

Fanny Hensel Wiki

Here are some of the most important information that you need to know about the great Fanny Hensel. From her nickname to her age and things that you probably never knew about her, we have them all below: 

  • Nickname: Fanny Hensel
  • Real name:  Fanny Cacilie Mendelssohn Bartholdy
  • Birthday: November 14, 1805
  • Date of death: May 14, 1847
  • Place of birth: Germany
  • Sibling name: Felix Mendelssohn
  • Husband name: Whilhem Hensel 
  • Net worth: Not known
  • Height: Not known

Fanny Hensel Music And Songs

Here are some of the best music and compositions that have been created by Fanny Hensel: 

  1. Die Sennin. Allegretto.
  2. Totenklage.]
  3. Duett.
  4. (Op. 1.4) Maienlied. Allegretto.
  5. (Op. 1.5) Morgenständchen. Allegro molto quasi presto.
  6. Szene aus Faust. Der Tragödie zweiter Teil, Akt 1. Anmutige Gegend
  7. Wer dich gesehn.
  8. Klavierstück. Allegro agitato
  9. Dämmrung senkte sich von oben. Andante con moto.
  10. Klavierstück. Allegretto ma non troppo
  11. (Op. 2.4) Klavierstück. Allegro molto vivace
  12. Piano Sonata in G Minor
  13. Klavierstück. Adagio
  14. (Op. 7.1) Nachtwanderer. Andante con moto
  15. Wenn wir durch die Dörfer ziehen. Marschtempo
  16. Zauberkreis
  17. Mutter, o sing mich zur Ruh’
  18. Die Stille. Andante con moto
  19. Liebe in der Fremde. Allegretto
  20. Klavierstück
  21. Klavierstück
  22. Klavierstück. Allegro moderato assai
  23. Klavierstück. Allegretto
  24. Im Herbst. Allegro molto
  25. Klavierstück. Allegro molto
  26. Klavierstück. Allegretto grazioso
  27. Klavierstück. Allegro molto
  28. Liederzyklus
  29. Traum. Allegretto
  30. Klavierstück. Allegro molto
  31. Klavierstück. Allegro molto vivace e leggiero
  32. Das Veilchen. Allegretto
  33. (Op. 10.4) Im Herbste (2). Adagio
  34. Klavierstück. Andante cantabile
  35. (Op. 3.6) Im Wald. Allegro vivace
  36. Es rauscht das rote Laub. Moderato
  37. (Op. 4/5.2) Mélodie. Allegretto
  38. (Op. 3.1) Hörst du nicht die Bäume rauschen. Allegretto
  39. (Op. 3.5) Abendlich schon rauscht der Wald. Andante
  40. (Op. 8.1) Lied. Allegro moderato
  41. (Op. 6.3) O Traum der Jugend, o goldner Stern. Andante cantabile
  42. Pastorella
  43. Klavierstück. Allegretto
  44. Klavierstück (fragment)
  45. Waldeinsam. Allegro
  46. Morgenwanderung. Allegro moderato
  47. (Op. 3.3) Im Herbste (3). Allegro ma non troppo
  48. Erwache, Knab’, erwache. Allegro
  49. (Op. 3.4) Morgengruß (1). Allegretto grazioso
  50. Morgengruß (2). Allegro molto
  51. (Op. 7.6) Dein ist mein Herz. Feierlich leidenschaftlich
  52. Ariel
  53. Abend. Adagio
  54. (Op. 3.2) Schöne Fremde. Moderato
  55. (Op. 4/5.4) Mélodie. Lento appassionato
  56. Schweigend sinkt die Nacht hernieder. Andante
  57. (Op. 7.5) Bitte. Larghetto
  58. Lust’ge Vögel. Allegretto
  59. Klavierstück. Allegro molto vivace
  60. Klavierstück. Tempo di scherzo
  61. Stimme der Glocken. Allegro moderato
  62. Schilflied. Largo
  63. (Op. 10.3) Abendbild (1). Andante con moto
  64. Wer will mir wehren zu singen
  65. O Herbst, in linden Tagen. Ruhig, wehmütig
  66. Schon kehren die Vögel wieder ein. Allegretto grazioso
  67. (Op. 7.2) Erwin. Allegretto con espressione
  68. Ich kann wohl manchmal singen. Andante
  69. Klavierstück. Andante con moto
  70. Nacht ist wie ein stilles Meer. Allegro
  71. (Op. 6.1) Lied. Andante espressivo
  72. Abendbild (2)
  73. Lied. Andante espressivo; più allegro
  74. Beharre. Andante con moto non lento
  75. (Op. 8.4) Wanderlied. Presto
  76. Klavierstück. Allegro vivace
  77. Kommen und Scheiden. Allegretto
  78. (Op. 8.3) Lied. Larghetto
  79. (Op. 10.2) Vorwurf
  80. (Op. 8.2) Lied. Andante con espressione
  81. (Op. 7.3) Frühling. Allegro molto
  82. (Op. 11) Piano Trio in D minor
  83. (Op. 10.5) Bergeslust. Allegro molto vivace e leggiero

We would like to clear it out that these are just some of the many compositions that Fanny Hensel had made. This is not a complete list. 

Fanny Hensel Net Worth

There is no information available about how much Fanny Hensel is worth. Please do note that she did not make any of her earnings public, which is why there is no proper estimate on what her worth was at that time and how much that amount of money would be in this century. 


We would like to clear it out that we are not affiliated with Fanny Hensel in any sort of way. The main goal of this article is to help people across the globe doing research about Fanny Hensel. In case any of the information that we listed above about him is wrong or needs to get updated, please do let us know so we can make changes right away! 

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