Falcon Home Buyers Review 2022 – Is It Recommended?

Selling a home in Atlanta isn’t necessarily a stress-free task. I’ve tried doing it over and over again, but there are just so many things you must consider, such as inspections, fees, repairs, and other things I didn’t have time to take care of.

Thankfully, there are several companies that try to make the process easier for you, and one of them is Falcon Home Buyers. As I came across this company, I noticed their service offered to purchase my property in cash and without any of the overwhelming processes I just mentioned before.

This sounded extremely good to be true, but I was curious anyway, so I gave the company the opportunity. The following page will outline my experience with Falcon Home Buyers so that you can determine if this company is a good option for you or not.

What Does Falcon Home Buyers Offer?

To put it simply, Falcon Home Buyers is a company that offers to purchase your home in Atlanta in a safe and quick way. As I mentioned before, selling a home will likely require you to go through several tasks, including making repairs, paying for agent fees, making pre-purchase inspections, and more.

Falcon Home Buyers gets rid of all of those since it offers to purchase your property as-is. All you have to do to get started with the selling process is to either dial its number or fill out the cash offer form on its website to get a quote.

It sounds simple enough, right? Here’s how it went in my case.

Learning More About the Company

First, the company encourages potential customers to read as much as possible about what it offers and how it does it so that they don’t have any prior concerns when selling your property. Most of the information you will need about this business is located on its “About Us” page since it includes the company’s mission, vision, business model, and other things.

I also recommend you go through the company’s information carefully and slowly. While I know you may be eager to sell your property right away, it’s much more important for you to understand how the company does it so that you avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Once I was done reading about the company, I was ready to go to step two, which was requesting an offer directly from the company.

Filling Out the Form

As I mentioned before, to get an offer, all you have to do is either call the company directly or fill out a form online. Here, the company will request a few basic details from you, such as your personal information and your property’s condition. 

Once you’re done filling out the form, the company will get back to you as soon as possible with an outline of the offer. In the case the company requires more information about your company, you will also get a call from it requesting that. 

Getting an Offer

Finally, you will get a call where you’ll discuss the selling requirements with the company. Here, you will assess the details of the arrangement, including the price. The company will give you an initial offer in cash for your home, and you’re free to review it and think about it before you accept.

Keep in mind that the company uses the current market value and information from similar properties to get an appropriate estimate. If you’re happy with the offer, all that’s left to do is choose a closing date that fits your needs.

I recommend you assess your new home before choosing a closing date so that you don’t have any problems in that department when you get the cash from your old property.

Bottom Line | Is This Company Worth It?

Absolutely! My experience with Falcon Home Buyers was excellent, and I was able to get rid of my old property without any problems or extra costs. I would recommend this company if you’re looking to sell your old property without much of the groundwork that’s required by a standard procedure, such as repairs, extra fees, and inspections.

One of the most remarkable things about this company is that it offers to pay for your home in cash, which certainly comes in handy for several people. If you’re interested, make sure to contact the company today.