15 Fantastic Customized Gift Boxes for Christmas!

Yes, it is time. For one of the most celebrated occasions of the world. It is time for Christmas.

What are you doing this year, to make the event memorable and special? Making a special item for the meal, hanging some creative decorations on the Christmas tree, or getting beautiful gift boxes to make your present stand out?

It’s not just Santa who gives presents

Use custom printed gift boxes to package your present and present it to the person you want to show your love and affection for. Not only is this one of the best gestures of spreading the Christmas spirit, it makes the other person feel special, and increases your respect and admiration in their eyes.

And the best way to do it is to get a nice gift item that holds significance for the other person, and wrap it in in Christmas gift boxes.

Gift box ideas

We know that choosing the perfect packaging for your gift can be a difficult task. It is so important to get the packaging right. It is what is necessary to create an impression on the other person, and to makes sure that they value this token of appreciation on your behalf.

We have made a list of 15 custom printed Christmas gift boxes that are not only beautiful and aesthetically designed, but are sure to add to the worth of the gift.

  1. The gift basket:

    a simple wicker basket to hold goodies in. it is a very simple design, but is one of the most popular ones. Not only can it hold a large amount of gifts, it is strong and durable. It is also reusable, and can be custom designed according to your specifications.

  2. Classic starlight:

    this is one of the most popular gift box designs being sold. It has a breathtaking design of gold starry patterns on a matt black background. The color scheme and elegant design make it one of the best ways to add a touch of luxury to the gift.

  3. Candy canes:

    we all know about this Christmas delight. Well, manufacturers have brought it to the gift packaging. Candy cane patterned boxes are one of the most common boxes being sold in the market. You can also get peppermint, fudge and nougat-themed boxes. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

  4. Kraft boxes:

    not only one of the best packaging materials for everyday packaging, they are used on Christmas day as well. The strength of the box makes it suitable for large and bulky gift items. They are easily customized, so you can get any sort of design or pattern or text printed on the surface.

  5. Pillow boxes:

    another example of common packaging styles being used on Christmas is the pillow box. It is commonly used to package small and delicate gifts like jewelry. You can find hundreds of themes, designs and patterns on these boxes, and choose the one that appeals to you.

  6. The wooden box:

    nothing adds value to an item, than a beautifully hand crafted box to package it in. The rustic appeal, the sturdiness and the fact that is can be reused as a keepsake box, makes it a very popular option for putting in expensive gift items.

  7. Snow boxes:

    imagine Christmas without snow and snowmen. It would be no fun. And to capture that spirit, you can use these beautiful white and silver favor boxes. They have snowflake patterns and a white satin ribbon as well.

  8. Santa goody bags:

    perfect for kids; these boxes are just like any goody bag. However, they are made into a Santa face, and look cute. You can easily find other characters like Rudolph and the Grinch. They make perfect packages for candy and anything else that you would give a kid.

  9. Vintage nesting boxes:

    these are perfect for giving a vintage touch to your present. The oval shape makes them stand out. They are made of sturdy cardboard, and can be reused for a variety of purposes.

  10. The purple box:

    who says that you can just go for green and gold on Christmas? Go for bold colors that are eye catching and appealing. These boxes are suitable for large items and come in many different shades. The grosgrain ribbon in the front adds to their beauty.

  11. Burgundy boxes:

    these expensive looking and classy boxes are suitable for gifting expensive and fancy items. The color and the satin bow add a further sense of luxury.

  12. Gold surprise:

    like any regular square box, they have a shiny gold appearance and a ribbon to match. The large size allows you to fit in anything, and make a proper gift hamper.

  13. Engraved boxes:

    these are usually made of textured or plain wood, with the name of the recipient, or any other message that you wish to convey.

  14. Velvet lid boxes:

    they are commonly used to present jewelry or watches. This year, you can use them to present the same items to a special someone, and make it a moment to remember.

  15. Pouches:

    they are very commonly used to package small and delicate items. Made of silk, satin or velvet, they can be custom printed and sewn. They are popular, and can be hung from the Christmas tree, for the recipient to find.

Therefore, we can see the many different types of ideas for a perfect gift package.  Custom gift boxes on wholesale rates are easily available and can be bought at any store.