Bald And Beardy: Beard Tips To Flaunt A Bald Head

A bald head is both about adapting a style statement and embracing a medical condition, but with confidence and self-esteem. If it happens that you have to embrace baldness due to a medical condition never let yourself lose confidence because as rightly said by Eleanor Roosevelt – “ No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So, keeping your head high and accepting the changes in you will force everyone else to accept it. Besides, this is the hair we are talking about, it does not define you, and nor is it your identity. So, relax and gear up to sport the bald head assuredly. Although a bald head is quite trendy, however, it can look bland if not styled appropriately. The most impressive, effortless, and time-tested way is to grow a beard. 

Now, that you have made up your mind and shaved your hair with a bald shaver, it is time that you pay attention to enhancing the other features that can help you in flaunting the bald hairstyle. Here, let’s check out some trendy beard styles that can go just flawless with the bald head:

    • Full beard: This is the most common beard trend with a bald head. You can either keep it short or long, however, a long full beard can complement the bald head better and can give an impressive look.
    • Bushy beard: A slightly unkempt bushy beard is one of the most uncomplicated and easy to maintain styles. The idea is to keep them disheveled and not trim them for a sharp edge. The bushy beard style can give the vibe of “careless handsome”.
  • Long beard: The long beard style is a timeless one as it has been in the fashion market for quite a while. It enhances masculinity and is the perfect beard style for round faces. A long beard with a bald head gives the impression of a pointed face and accentuates the facial features.
  • Short beard: For men with oval-shaped faces, a short beard helps in highlighting the facial curves and reflects a sexy poise. You can opt for a buzz beard look by trimming with the best head shaver that also offers trimming heads. Plus, short beards gives a lot of option to select from.
  • Thick beard: A thick beard requires years of wait and maintenance but the wait is worth it. It gives a more mature look and a cohesive impression. And if you are struggling to attain the dense whiskers, begin your beard game with sexy stubble.
  • Stubble beard: A stubble look is what women find the most attractive. If a 5 pm stubble makes a man with hair desirable, then a two-day stubble is what works best for a bald man. A two-day stubble leaves a thick and dark impression that complements the bald head perfectly. Trimming the beard at regular intervals will help to maintain the look better.
  • Shenandoah or Chin curtain: A chin curtain also known as a Lincoln Beard, is a style that can be obtained by growing the beard over the jaw and chin that meets the sideburns. It gives a hidden chin effect and that goes from ear to ear. It also offers a lot of versatility in styling the beard.
    • Stubble Goatee: This is a more controlled goatee style that you can opt for if you consider the conventional goatee to be general. It can come as a style statement and can allow you to create your own fashion goals.
  • Classic Goatee: The classic goatee style is to grow a patch of hair on the chin and not on the cheek. the classic goatee style has, however, evolved with time and new variations are being experimented with by men.
  • Full Goatee: Full goatee style is more or less the same as the classic goatee style but with a mustache. In contemporary years, many celebs have taken the freedom to experiment with this look and have been successful in creating a buzz in the fashion market. A full goatee is quite fancy and reflects your taste for styling.
  • Pointed beard: Pointed beards have been in the male fashion for quite some time and work great with a bald head. It is the perfect beard styling for a round-face man. A pointed beard sharpens the look and gives the impression of an elongated face. 
  • Circle beard: In a circle beard it is important that the mustache and chin beard stay connected. It gives a distinguished impression when worn by a bald man. 
  • Round and full beard: This style helps in hiding the jawline if it is not chiseled. This beard style creates symmetry with the bald head and makes heads turn wherever you go. This adds a great style statement and boosts the confidence of donning the bald head.
  • Mustache: Styling with the mustache can be a great styling hack as mustaches are considered to be the most versatile facial hair that could add to your personality. A handlebar mustache with a hipster beard can create a sensation in the fashion market.

Final word:

With so many styles to select from, you can now be all prepared to turn heads with your bald head. Just remember to pick a style that suits you and you are comfortable with and you can be the next dapper in the fashion world. Most importantly, invest in one of the best head shaver and keep your bald head well maintained. Proper trimming and picking styles that suit you can just do the work for you.