Abdu Rozik, who is he?

Bigg Boss 16, presented by Salman Khan, is doing quite well. Abdu Rozik, one of the participants, has become a fan favourite due to his adorable antics. Abdu Rozik, a Tajik musician who competed on Bigg Boss 16 and became a viral phenomenon for performing rap songs in his home language, is now a worldwide household name. As a youngster, rickets, the 19-year-old had caused him to develop much slower than other children. Even so, he pursued his dream and is now a recognized figure who has formed close relationships with famous athletes, actresses, and musicians worldwide—a glance at the Tajik-born actor’s famous pals.

Fans of Abdu Rozik were taken aback when he was recently nominated for Bigg Boss. A famous actor, singer, and cultural icon, Abdu Rozik is a multitalented force. There’s no mistaking him for anybody else; he’s the cuddly guy who made the Borgir/burgir video viral. It wasn’t long before the viral video was used in online memes.

Abdu Rozik Tajik musician, singer, and blogger Abdu Rozik is most known for his efforts in the film business and on YouTube, where he has amassed a sizable fan base and a sizeable fortune. Aside from that, he’s famously little. Also, he is a competitor in the 16th season of the hit reality programme Big Boss. The fictional figure Abdu Rozik has achieved widespread notoriety as a singer and performer across several online platforms. Many famous works were created by him first. The battle he had with Hasbulla Magomedov, better known by his ring moniker Mini Khabib, also contributed to his rise to prominence. Abdu was born on September 3, 2003, in Panjakent, Tajikistan, to parents of Tajik descent. A native of Tajikistan, he was born under the Virgo star sign.


The Life of Abdu Rozik


Abdu Rozik is a promising new singer with a bright future. His videos may be seen on the Avlod Media YouTube channel. More than 350,000 advocates and tens of thousands of viewers use this channel. However, Oshiqami, Oh Zor, Ummati, and so on are all absorbed by Abdu credits.

Abdu Rozik is a talented musician who has found out how to amass a sizable fan base, and he can teach us a thing or two. The data we’ve obtained from several web sources indicates that Abdu Rozik is now legally an adult (eighteen years of age). Despite the fact that we know the year of his birth to be 2003, we know nothing more about his birthday. Abdu Rozik is appreciated more than his true look would indicate, even though he is a short man.

Tajik singer Abdu Rozik is the world’s smallest professional singer. He became famous and popular overnight because of his unique ability to sing Tajik rap songs, a talent he acquired just after being born in Tajikistan. To see his videos, go to his channel on YouTube, which is called Avlod Media. Approximately 340 thousand people are now subscribed to his channel. The most recent developments in the Abdu vs Hasbulla Conflict have also helped him get widespread media attention. Many famous works were created by him first.

His battle with Hasbulla Magomedov, better known by his ring moniker Mini Khabib, also contributed to his rise to prominence. Abdu was born on September 3, 2003, in Panjakent, Tajikistan, to Tajik parents. A native of Tajikistan, he was born under the Virgo star sign.

What Abdu Rozik Did With His Life After School


A local high school graduate, Abdu Rozik, now works in the neighbourhood. Up to this point, he has not finished any formal schooling programme. Due to this, there are less data accessible on his educational background. He was always particularly interested in music, even at a young age. Thus, he finds that listening to music leads to an increase in his singing. BekhruzZugurov first recognized his abilities and helped him on his path to success. He only announced his songs on YouTube under the moniker Avlod Media. The songs Oshiqami, Ohi Dili Zor, ChakiChaki Boron, and others he presented quickly became favourites.

Abdu Rozik Health condition


You are all aware that the childhood ailment rickets has left Abdu Rozik with a severely reduced height. As an illness that causes short stature, rickets goes under many names.


And he was sick while he was still a kid, but his family couldn’t afford to cure him, and he didn’t have the money to fix himself up. Abdu Rozik’s Proven track record of accomplishment in previous occupations Young In 2006, Abdu Rozik started his musical career. Many of the songs he sang in movies are still popular today, and Abdu rozik is presently competing in season 16 of Bigg Boss.

Family details of  Abdu Roziks


Abdu Rozik’s father, Savriqul Muhammad (a gardener), and his mother, Rooh Afza, are the names we discover through his family tree. Abdu Rozik comes from a family of four, with two sisters and two brothers.


The Girlfriend of Abdu Rozik

However, if we’re talking about Abdu Rozik’s girlfriend, he has acknowledged being in a relationship with someone, according to specific media reports; however, there isn’t much information accessible regarding the identity of his girlfriend at the moment.


Net worth of  Abdu Rozik


Abdu Rozik is worth an estimated $500,000 owing to his popularity as a movie singer and creator of online films displayed on YouTube. Given that he makes the vast majority of his money through these endeavours.


Abdu Rozik is a gifted singer who has forged bridges across civilizations via his command of many languages. Singing makes him feel good and enables him to utilize his voice to help others. Abdu can pick up the nuances of any language’s music and accent within days, and vice versa.

Abdu Rozik was born with rickets, a skeletal condition caused by a lack of vitamin D that led to fragile bones. Both of Rozik’s parents are farmers. Rickets halted his development, and he now stands a measly 94 centimetres tall. A cure for rickets may have been found during his boyhood had better medical options been accessible. Abdu is the youngest of five siblings and the tiniest because his parents could not afford the medical care he needed.


Earlier life


Abdu Rozik, whose given name is Savriqul Muhammadroziqi, was born in Tajikistan on September 23, 2003. Having recorded more than 9 singles, he has widespread popularity in Tajikistan because of his distinctive voice and lively live shows. Abdu Rozik’s career began in 2019 when a local singer/rapper in Tajikistan heard him performing in the Bazaar and was blown away by his voice and skills.

This launched Abdu Rozik’s career and ultimately resulted in his songs uploaded by prominent worldwide celebrities, resulting in millions of views and likes. Abdu used to sing for a living and provide for his family by busking in Gishdarva. Because of his background, Abdu Rozik has a burning desire to inspire other young people and doers by sharing his skills and persevering through adversity. Abdu has composed songs that are reflective of his struggles and experiences.

Abdu Rozik is one of four siblings. His schooling so far amounts to 20 days, yet he is already reading and writing at that level. He’s fluent in Tajik and Farsi, and he’s now studying Russian. Rozik’s international career is presently sponsored by the UAE-based firm ifcm.ae. Rozik’s family now lives in the mountains, almost four hours away from the city, but he intends to construct a house there. Rozik hopes to train more determined individuals and inspire them to pursue their objectives despite the obstacles they may encounter.