A Personal Intimate Massager: LELO Gigi 2

There is a valid reason why the new LELO Gigi 2 is worth the hype. For anyone who always wanted to experience a G-spot orgasm, this is a sex toy that you should consider purchasing. Place an order for this sex toy with us at Joujou Luxe LELO Specialist. We take pride in offering top quality plastic made sex toys that allow you to have intercourse like never before. Whether it is with your significant other or oral sex, the sex toys we provide will not disappoint you. The entire round will be satisfying, sensual, and fun. Not only you will get to know about your own body but fulfilling your partner’s kinks will be easy too. With that said, let us find out how to use the Gigi 2.


How to use LELO Gigi 2 for clitoris stimulation?

Are you someone who wants to experience an orgasm through G-spot stimulation only, it is surely worth purchasing a LELO Gigi 2. The curve of this sex toy is apt when it comes to experiencing clitoris stimulation. So what you should do is start from the bottom and slowly bring the toy to your clit. We leave the rest to you.


How to use LELO Gigi 2 as a G-spot massager?

In case you are someone who is making use of LELO sex toys for the very first time, it is easy to assume that all you have to do is put it in and out. In case your body feels good this way, don’t stop. Nonetheless, if you only want to target the G-spot, do not wait any further and use the LELO Gigi 2 curves to complement your anatomy. The experience is great and you will get to experience oral sex that is a thousand times better than having it with your significant other. Place an order for this sex toy with us at Joujou and get started. We have been in the business for years, and make sure that our customer’s sexual desires are fulfilled. Apart from Gigi 2, we also provide other sex toys that have the ability to fulfil all the fantasies that were long due.


We hope this piece of information was informative to you. In case you have any questions related to the sex toys, you can always have a word with any of our team members. We will be more than happy to serve you. Apart from this, you can always take a look at our website to discover the sex toys we provide.

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