9 Types of Truck Accidents On Roadways! A Brief Guide

Trucks play a crucial role in our society. They transport commodities from one location to another, meeting our increasing population’s demands. Large vehicles, while necessary, can pose a significant risk to motorists. Many distinct forms of truck accidents can occur if the driver is negligent.

Truck collisions are frequently fatal. It causes catastrophic, often fatal, injuries and property destruction to victims. It is best to call a truck accident lawyer if someone is injured in a truck collision. Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer analyzes the details of the accident and supports in collecting monetary support to help one rebuild their life!

The Most Frequent Form of Truck Accident

Accidents involving trucks can appear in several ways. Roadways have witnessed some of the most destruction. Large trucks can wreak significant property damage. It imposes serious injury on many innocent casualties simply by their size. A few common forms of truck incidents are as follows:


Blown Tires

Tire blowouts can occur to any vehicle, often pushing it uncontrollably. It might endanger the driver as well as any vehicles around. When a tire burst out, it’s common for rookie drivers to fret and become frightened. The owner of the vehicle may lose track, causing it to collide with other vehicles.

Spots of Inattention

The blind areas on a truck might be rather large. When changing direction, a truck driver may not see other cars. As a result, surrounding vehicles are at grave risk of being hit, smashed, or pushed off the road. It’s a huge problem for big rack trucks since they can’t see other cars in the back.


A jackknife collision occurs when a truck travels at high speeds and suddenly applies the brakes. Braking without slowing or stopping causes the vehicle to flip at a 90-degree angle and push aside everything in its path. The pressure of the trailer is so great that it pushes ahead and may potentially break free from the cabin.

Rear-end collisions

Due to heavy trucks, rear-end accidents can significantly destroy property and fatalities. Reducing speed while another automobile is speeding close beside you will certainly result in a disastrous crash. Drivers are subjected to such enormous inertial forces, which result in significant injuries and deaths in most cases.

If someone has been hurt due to such carelessness, getting the advice of an expert can aid in the filing of a claim. Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer works relentlessly to guarantee that injured victims are fully compensated.

Long Turn

A large turn occurs when a driver initially turns left to turn right. When a motorist is ignorant of back traffic, it might trap automobiles or pedestrians. It can be difficult at times as truck driving is no sport. It’s a tricky approach that becomes far tougher when there’s rush hour at the back end. It has the potential to entrap passengers while also upsetting passersby.

Load Exclusion

Improperly loaded freight and poorly secured truckloads can tumble out, posing a serious risk to surrounding motorists. Trucks are designed to be more advanced than other types of vehicles. When a truck moves at high speeds and abruptly stops, the truck driver loses control of a vehicle. This entire incident has a devastating influence on other automobiles and pedestrians nearby.


T-bone collisions can happen when a truck driver passes red light and collides perpendicular to another vehicle. T-bone collisions can occur with any vehicle. But they are extremely dangerous when trucks are involved. Truck drivers must exercise caution when passing through red lights. Otherwise, their height and weight put them in jeopardy!

Accidents in the Underride

These are the most deadly incidents imaginable. Numerous catastrophes can occur when a vehicle goes beneath a truck. The truck’s tires could blow out, causing it to smash the vehicles underneath it. In such a circumstance, the prospects of survival are quite slim.

Accidents Caused by Brake Issue

Inadequate maintenance, faulty construction, outdated brakes, or overheating from constantly high speed or stops or misuse can all lead to vehicle brake failure. Truck drivers should also be instructed to use their brakes properly to avoid accidents and brake loss.

Last Thoughts

Accidents involving large rig trucks are increasingly a reality, and avoiding them is difficult. At the very least, we could take appropriate safety precautions and become aware of the dangers of going beside a large rig. If a person is involved in a truck accident, they should be prepared to battle for their claims and compensation. Call 404-948-3311 to speak with a qualified attorney about the case. These truck accident lawyers are well-versed in all truck operating laws. As a result, it will help win the case while also providing adequate compensation for the damages!